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    so im quite affectionate I love my cuddles. do people like that?? would a daddy/mummy like that??

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    I think most P-Doms the real ones that know what they are doing would be in to giving and getting cuddles from there little one.


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    Me too in fact I didn't have a good childhood and I have several abandonment issues stemming from being rejected or excluded and abused by those who I thought were my friends in life but were in truth really my enemies who bullied me my whole life, I had a dog called freeway she was a rescued dog and she had similar experiences of the world we used to spend all day and night hugging each other she was a golden Labrador retreiever/Collidoor though she was not legally my dog because I sharred her with the family who owned her but she choose me as her true soulmate for the five wonderful years we had with each other.

    She had been abandoned as a puppy in a cardboard box on the main Ottley to Leeds road to be run over and she was fortunate to be rescued by the family I later lodged with from 2001-2006, saddly when I got to know her she was already old/senior so we didn't have much time together as she was 7 when we met in dog years and 13 &1/4 when she passed away in 2006, she was like a big living teddy bear in terms of how much we needed each other and she was the closest thing I had to a real friend in life and since she died almost 14 years ago I have lost a part of my heart and the world feels lonesome and cruel.

    I have had severely high functioning autisum since I was born in 1980 and other learning difficulties and have struggled all my life with bullying and this has caused me ptsd and other psycalogical problems that continue to haunt me to this day add to that witnessing a good friend who was killed by a drunk driver in 2010, and I am literally coming apart at the seams although I am trying hard to move on with my life and this has meant trying to get a psycologist to help me to move on and slay some of my inner daemons and or severe depression from being always falsely accused of doing stuff I would never do and or being blamed for minor issues which I had nothing to do with.

    And sometimes feel like I could cry and I need a hug from people but nobody understands me even when I plead for help and this causes me more pain and missery and this is one reason I want to start again and be a baby once more although that's probably never going to happen unless someone fins a safe and leagal way of reversing the aging process, until then all I can do is wear diapers virtually every day and night which I have had to do since becoming incontinent in 2010 six years ago through no choice of my own due to my continued disabilities.

    Yours sincerely

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