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Thread: I have found the most amazing pull-ups

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    Default I have found the most amazing pull-ups

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    I love these diapers I'm wearing one now, they are super soft I stumbled across them and the moment I slid it up I knew these were the ones I will be ordering nothing but these from now on

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    sold by northshore - good company... "from the makers of tranquiity" - also good. A lot of people like the ATN. (though that seems to be the only model we hear about in these parts)

    So do a review already

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    A lot of people like the ATN. (though that seems to be the only model we hear about in these parts)
    I have never understood that. ATN's are cheap in performance, and feel. Might as well be made from garbage bags. The padding is prone to coming apart and is spread out in a way as to make them unusable in almost any situation other than lying on your back. The tapes are small a spread too far from each other and the amount of excess plastic backing is shocking. The leak guards are short and the leg gathers shorter still.

    However, if these Select Pull-ups are anything like their Tranquility pull-on counterparts they should be pretty darned good. I too would like to hear a bit of a qualitative review.

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    I wore one all day they stayed comfy the whole time the sides are super strong which is usually my weakness dam hips lol, they are surprisingly quiet the cloth feels good which is nice, I've used them twice for number 1 the leg gathers hold up nicely they haven't leaked but I also haven't flooded them fully yet, they are surprisingly discreet despite they're being a decent amount of padding, I would recommend them to anyone, I'm really surprised by them and they really arn't that expensive 20 for 16.25 a pack they do run a a little big the medium fits nice im usually a large, if I had one con it would be the waist goes up really far but i don't mind...... i really want to try the brief they make next I hope my review is somewhat helpful I've never really done one before
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    I made an account just to comment, I ordered these after seeing your post because I was planning to buy something at the time and figured might as well add to my cart. I do want to say first title is spot on they feel just like goodnights and I love that feeling. The only down side I came across is they do not run large like I thought you posted I bought the small thinking ok everything else I've tried can stretch for yards normally, this one can stretch but nothing like a tranquillity can but it does hold the sides like you said, I knew it was going to rip as I tried to get them up but I some how got them on with about half the side broken. I did use them but about half way through I could feel it approaching the top which I remember happening with goodnights but I don't want to give them negative on that because the size was not right. Ending on a good note I do plan to reorder them but just one size up and maybe I'll comment again once I have. I'll be sleeping in a M3 pull on tonight for the first time and so far it's super comfy.

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    Thank you for the good word I'm sorry about the size problem I just feel the medium could almost be a large I am 250 weight wise 38 waist but the hips are what I went off of I still fit in goodnites at that size lol

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