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Thread: Different smell of girl diaper after use

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    Default Different smell of girl diaper after use


    In my opinion, the diapers of men and women smell different. I attribute that to differnet hormonal levers. I friend of mine confirmed it. Menīs diapers are more musk like.


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    I'm not sure about the material of the nappy in question, vs a gender specific nappy

    Women however do have more acidic urine and male and female urine smell reflects the difference in PH, add into that the hormonal and dietary differences

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    Personally, I love the smell of my freshly peed diapers, but not ones that have taken the turn. Diet certainly contributes to different smells, too. The most obvious one being coffee. I immediately notice the difference in my own wet diapers, if I've had a cup of coffee that day. I don't drink it ordinarily, so, when I do, the change is immediately noticeable in the next diaper. My wife drinks a lot of coffee, so, if she pees one (on rare occasion), it would almost certainly have a coffee beany tint to it.

    It would be interesting to have a side-by-side double-blind comparison, but that might just be a (gross) step too far.

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