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    I'm pretty sure a lot of people have posted about this, but I don't think so that recently. I've always been into sports and diapers for as long as I can remember, but I've never been that ballsy to attempt playing any sports in any kind of diapers. I'm probably betting that skiing is the safest sport to wear a diaper in, since unless you're wearing a super thick diaper and plastic pants, it will be really hard to know someone is wearing a diaper. This winter I'll probably wear Goodnites skiing, and maybe an Abena M4, if I'm feeling really ballsy. Has anyone here worn a diaper while playing any kind of sport? If you did, was it wet?

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    Too much activity is going to wreak havoc upon most diaper fillings, wet or dry. Even a hard, active day at work can cause junk to fall apart, in the shell. Snow skiing would be a good option, though I'd still want to use something that would provide diaper support, so things didn't get lumpy, while all bundled up. Not only do they not absorb properly, when lumpy, but they just are not as comforting & trustworthy.

    Water skiing, on the other hand... Fogetaboutit!

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    I've gone walking, hiking, and running diapered, but none of the more engaged sports. I play tennis, but have never tried it in a diaper and my suspicion is that it would turn out poorly. I think if I were incontinent, I'd look into buying the thinnest diapers possible for exercise. Not for discretion, but because you want a few things when exercising. First, you don't want your motion impeded or distracted, so a thinner diaper, especially a pull-up, works better there. Second, you don't want chafing around the thighs and crotch, it's super uncomfortable (I once went running in a little pawz because I didn't think it would be a big deal, and that was really uncomfortable after a little while, I do not recommend a thick diaper like that for exercising).

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    I've never played hockey in a diaper. Which is the sport I play but i have all in one day and one diaper, hiked l, walked 19,000 steps, and rode horses without a problem all in a abena M4.

    It held up fantastically.

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    I always snow ski padded. It's a bit of extra warmth and helpful if I don't quite get to the restroom in time. Not had any problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperbobby View Post
    I always snow ski padded. It's a bit of extra warmth and helpful if I don't quite get to the restroom in time. Not had any problems.
    Skiing would probably be the easiest sport to do while diapered, because you're not really moving your legs a ton, less problems with the diaper falling apart, and if you accidentally leak, close to no one would notice you overflowed.

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    Never a problem in the bathrooms at the ski slopes--everybody is always noisy with their ski boots on and they are always carrying their ski bag with them with all their stuff in them anyway. And comparing the time it takes, I can pull my ski pants down and change my diaper in the same amount of time it takes a guy without diapers to undo his ski pants and use the bathroom.

    Most places have stalls so you have a fair amount of privacy.
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    Also keep in mind - locker rooms. Usually problematic for diapers due to lack of privacy.

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