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Thread: Testing my pain threshold (Waxing genital area)

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    Default Testing my pain threshold (Waxing genital area)

    I like to have a hairless genital area and have been shaving that for a long time.
    But I get tired of having to do it so often, and the ITCHING after 3-4 days if you don't shave again really annoys me.

    SO, I decided to try waxing.

    I bought something called "Brazilian Bikini Hard Wax"

    You warm up the wax in the microwave to make it gooey, put it on a small area and let it cool a bit and the RIP it of.

    I tried it first on a few, less sensitive areas, the back of my hand, a small part of the lower leg and then on the inside of the thigh.

    That was not so bad and didn't hurt so much so I decided to move forwards.

    Reheated the wax, was a bit difficult to get the right viscosity and temperature.
    Then applied a bit to the top right pubis area (above the penis)
    Followed the instructions, let it cool a bit and rip it off.

    Hurt a bit, but bearable.

    Then I wanted to try the scrotum (Balls, to you non political correct people)

    Did all the steps like before and HOLY HELL, that HURT!
    I almost never, ever cry, but this time my eyes are really watering up.

    I do one more small bit that hurts just as much.

    Then I call it quits with only a quarter of the area hairless and smooth.

    I will do the whole thing, but I will buy some painkiller cream and massage it in first before the wax.

    So, that's my pain tolerance adventure, have anybody else done this and what was your experience?

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    Yay! I'm done. Used Some Voltaren (diklofenakdieatylamin) on the sensitive areas. (and some beers / whiskeys)
    Smooth as a baby for weeks now I hope without the itching.

    Also, wow, 62 views and not one comment? Not even an "ouch?"

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    But seriously, I would like to have my genitals free of hair. I'd rather have them waxed than shaved. Shaving and/or trimming down there has always left me itchy for days. I've tried all the suggestions. The only other thing that holds me back is that my whole body is pretty hairy and I'm not shaving all of it and I think it would look weird if only my genitals were clear of hair.

    Though the thought of having it professionally removed is a bit of a turn on.

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