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Thread: Do any of you work with actual children?

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    Default Do any of you work with actual children?

    For several years, I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do with my life job-wise. The fact that my grades were barely passable didn't help, so university options were limited at best (I did get the German equivalent of a high school diploma, but with a rather bad GPA).
    Since my parents wouldn't have me sit around playing video games all day (not that I could've been happy like that in the long run. Not having a reason to get up in the morning leads to sleeping way too much), it was already decided that I'd be doing volunteer work for the time being (volunteer work programs in Germany generally last one year, but can range between 6 and 18 months). While getting that arranged, it was very clear that I wanted to work in a nursery school / kindergarten (the definitions vary from country to country as I recently learned. Kindergarten in Germany encompasses ages 3-6 and often below these days), the alternatives being Daycare at schools (which would've been fine, too), working in a retirement home, a home for disabled people or a hospital.

    Since I had just turned 18, got paid and was now able to have my own PayPal and Ebay accounts, I also started getting all the stuff a Little needs/wants (I'd known about that side of me for a few years at that point and had come to terms with it).
    Long story short, I greatly enjoyed my time as a volunteer and I think it helped me grow as a person. The children liked me (I was also the only male role-model for some of them), so did all parents (or at least the ones that bothered commenting on my presence) and my colleagues (all women) treated my like a colleague and an adult (a welcome change after years of school that has thankfully continued with my teachers in Trade School), albeit one without any formal training in the field. In the end, I decided to become an educator (that's the closest translation I can come up with. Educators work in nursery schools / kindergartens, schools, orphanages and other facilities like these, and with all age ranges up to young adults) and am now going to Trade School because of it.

    I don't regret any of the above, but for a time I was worried about the implications of me, a Little, enjoying work with children that much. It doesn't help that staff at these facilities, especially the few men, are under constant suspicion anyway. Thankfully, I eventually overcame these doubts.

    Do or have any of you work with children or did you do so in the past? If so, were any of you questioning their motives for doing so? Do you think someone on the ABDL spectrum should work with children for a living?

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    I did I used to drive a bus for the school district and do various work with different programs around the district. By far also that the elementary school kids were the best to work with the high schoolers or around my age group so I really didn't have too much sway with them they more saw me as a friend because I hung out with a lot of them after school hours Middle School I'd send them all to the pits of Tartarus and Hell if I had the chance they are absolutely horrible there wasn't a week that went by that I didn't have to call the police and have one of them taken off my bus for threatening to kill other students or threatening to beat the crap out of me or so on and so forth I understand they're in their transition phase but parents these days have really dropped the ball with that generation. It got to the point where all I had to do was pick up the radio called dispatch and said the usual and location and they would send a police officer to escort the student home.

    The ones I liked working with the most where the students an alternative school they were kicked out of the normal district for whatever reason there's some of the best students I've worked with in the district it's just that these students are not bad you just have to deal with them in different way

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    I don't think I'd like working with kids. I wish I could literally be a kid again, but in general.... it's just simply not fun to deal with their behavior.

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    I want to work in a daycare when I get better. I find I get on well with them but I can't seem to displine or get them to listen to me as I am quite a shy person in public.

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    I actually work with 3 to five year olds during the week, I love being able to play at their level when the opportunity presents itself, but they also see the teacher side as well most of the time.

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    I am a Outdoor Education instructor and I work with kids that range from the ages of 7to17

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    Yes I do, i volunteer with different agencies working with kids in crisis,children who cant/or wont accept there foster or adoptive families or accept the love they offer, I was seriously abused child both by my father and several times by foster parents,until I hit the end of the road and got dumped into a "disposal orphanage" you stay there until you "age out" they give you $20 cash and a bus ticket to anywhere you want to go, when you get there you see a Psychologist who evaluates you, I saw the Psychologist and refused to be evaluated, I told them you want to know anything you have to get to know me , and stood my ground ,ultimately they got the information they needed and the head Psychologist there figured out I was bent by my life experiences but not broken a loving home without abuse is all I needed to thrive , so she adopted me and took me home gave me plenty of love , it took me a while to work through the whole issue of "family" and the whole bs about "blood is thicker than water" but when I came out the other side I was a "winner" , and as an adult I am passionate about helping kids do the work, I had to figure out and do , so anytime they have a child who cant/won't accept there new family and there love, they call me and ask me to work with the child , having done the work in myself , I can be alot of help and have worked with about 70 children and families and have a 99 % success rate, I also mediate with parents and children it's a last ditch effort diversion from PINS petitions and probation officers , those who are willing can work with me and another mediator and try ,they always have the ability to go back to the court system, very few choose that, we have s 97% success rate , although I have some cognitive Speech problems from my stroke and have had to slow down a bit , I remain very passionate , I also am a mentor and skills trainer with both kids and teenagers who are newly spinal cord injured helping them accept there "new normal " and teaching them how to drive there chairs, overcome obstacles, and teach special emergecy maneuvers driving , I begin before they get out of rehab and then once they do, we go from friends to hitting the streets in our chairs for the practical work of how to drive and maneuver, although I have not actually been spinely injured, due to very rare diseases I have the same functional capacity as a high function tetrapilegic (formerly referred to as quadrapilegic) that's where my screen name comes from.

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    Recently, I've heard/read about something called Hyper-awareness of victimization. "Victims live in a constant state of hyper-awareness, watching for clues of impending abuse. Victims can't trust the smile of someone they love, and that is a very big deal." That hyper-awareness does not always go away. In my life, it caused me to think for a very long time that there was something wrong with ME not being able to trust myself. However, I've come to the wholehearted conclusion that I can trust myself. As for trusting other people, I'm working on it.
    The best thing you can do is go out there, teach the kids, protect them, and help them grow. They'll love you for it.
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    Doshy you might want to spend some time reading about hypervigilance in PTSD, it might help you understand, it's not uncommon ,and can effect everything a person does and how they experience things in everyday life .

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    I volunteer with kids in a pediatric therapy setting. So I interact with everything from babies to teenagers (and sometimes young adults in special situations.)

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