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Thread: Hi guys and gals!

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    Red face Hi guys and gals!

    After years of lurking in the shadows of forums like these, I have finally found the courage to join the site. I also joined another site, Fetlife, and I found it to be liberating and helpful. I hope that I'll be able to discuss some more serious DL-related issues that occupy my mind, as well as talk with people who get me and my fetish.

    I'm a life-long diaper lover, and I have been wearing diapers fulltime for the past few years. Although it makes me feel great, I'm also conflicted; it feels kinda weird and it makes having an intimate relationship difficult for me. I've also recently been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a high functioning type of autism. Although my life has been somewhat of a struggle so far, getting this diagnosis is starting to help me make sense of a lot of issues that I have encountered in my life, and in that respect it's a relief.

    I live in the Netherlands, with my two Siberian cats, Butters and Scotch. I don't have a job and a lot of interests and hobbies. I speak Dutch, English and German fluently and know some French and Spanish. I am a film buff and I watch a lot of television shows, most of them american and canadian, but also scandinavian and french. I also love science, astronomy in particular. I'm a musician at heart, and I play the piano and I compose music using my computer. Taking a crack at playing the guitar. I'm also into videogames, but I'm really bad at them. My reflexes aren't up to those of teens so online playing isn't really my thing. I love animals and nature, and I like to hike.

    I noticed that a lot of sentences start with "I", and I guess that's okay for an introduction. On other forum posts I promise that it'll be more of a two-way conversation...

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    Hello Bamboozle and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.

    I will be looking forward to seeing your post in the forum.


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    Welcome to ADISC!

    You do have a wide set of interests. Looking forward to your posts and comments.

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