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Thread: Want to try diapers, and I need advice!

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    Question Want to try diapers, and I need advice!

    I'm a girl, and I'm considering wearing diapers. Just to bed, probably.
    I want something cute, and poofy. I'm considering cloth over disposable.
    How should I get started?

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    Try out the Reerz or Cuddles websites. Amazon has a good selection too. Not a fan of cloth over plastic backed but they have many choices on Amazon and Ebay. Order the one you like because walk in stores have lesser quality items. Last resort is Walmart or Target. All they have is plain cloth diapers. What is your interest? Dry diaper, wet diaper, messy or both? This will determine what diapers I and others would recommend. Don't reply to those questions if you are embarrassed. Just some things you must consider.

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    If you're looking for something cute just to wear to bed I personally thing goodnights are adorable.
    If you are looking for something more frilly or poofy then cloth with some frilly plastic pants would work well. Cosy n Dry has some good cute and frilly things as does Cuddlz.
    I don't have any personal experience with these websites but they look alright. If you want size then you could simply layer a few. Depends on specifics of what you think you would enjoy.
    try googling "adult cloth diapers" or "adult plastic pants".
    Hope that helps.

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    I agree girls goodnites are the best and most deff comfy i dnt really like anyothers

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    Always start off with more of a diaper than you think you'll need. Most everyone that isn't incontinent and just starting out in diapers will likely flood their diaper (releasing a full bladder all at once). Goodnights and other similar clothlike diapers are simply not going to be robust enough to handle floodings like this.

    I'd recommend you start off with a premium disposable diaper. My favorite is confidry 24/7, which is probably to poofiest and most absorbent diaper out there anyways. Once you get used to using these diapers, then you'll know if you can go down in capacity or over to cloth like disposables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulldyperlvr79 View Post
    What is your interest? Dry diaper, wet diaper, messy or both? This will determine what diapers I and others would recommend.
    Dry, I think. I'd like to try wet as well, just to see if I like it. I'm not all that interested in messy.

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    There's also several options for just strictly a cute thick disposable diaper. (without adornments like covers etc) ABUniverse has the Lavender, but you may also like their sdk/cushies/preschool. Bambinodiaper's bellisimo and teddy are also worth taking a look at. Rearz has quite a variety, too many to really list here, and also carries clothlike. So if you want a functional diaper with cute cloth print without the hassle of washing cloth, you could just get a basic thinner diaper and cover that with a cute cloth diaper - that'd get you soft, thick, poofy, wettable, and convenient. Rearz's princess is hard to beat when it comes to cute girly, and if you like animals the Rearz Safari and the Crinklz are outstanding too.

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    i would recommend going with cloth to start, as you want to go dry, cloth will hold up better for prolonged use and will be cheaper in the long run. for just dry use, i would recommend a bath towel with washcloths bundled in it (you can usually get full towel sets from Walmart for pretty cheap, just fold the washcloths to the desired crotch width and fold the towel over it.) pins can be found in the sewing section at Walmart, get something fairly large (~ 2-3 in and fairly thick). if you want to try wetting, you could either get some disposables from a local store or an online abdl store, or, you could get some terry automotive washcloths and add them to the diaper, then get some plastic pants from an online retailer or use a thick garbage bag.

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    The pink aww so cute diapers are a little expensive, but they are certainly poofy, cute, and are quite absorbent.

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