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Thread: simulated poop

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    Default simulated poop

    Any ideas from the community on simulated poop recipes to use in a diaper? I have a few if anyone is interested.

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    oatmeal mixed with J lube....


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    Fair choice. Did the oatmeal with heat reduced honey. Then moved on to cake frosting with white flour mixed in and it worked well. Not great for extended wear as body heat eventually thins it over a couple of hours. Confectioners sugar works better than flour I have found. The best by far will take a longer post but it is worth the read.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Right to the point. Spa or facial mud's main ingredient...sodium bentonite. In other words clay. It can be purchased in bulk online and is so realistic when mixed with the right amount of water, it will shock you. No, it isn't simply dirt off of the ground. The suppliers of these goods can actually refine these things to be used internally as a digestive cleanser. The clay in bulk is used as a mud bath and body wraps. I have been testing recipes for years...oatmeal...cake frosting with confectioners sugar...corn starch and honey...etc etc etc. This clay finally did it. Questions?
    I will tell you whatever you need to know to finally have a fake poop that you honestly can't tell apart from the real thing. I use it in my Confidry 24/7s nearly 3 or 4 days a week. It finally allowed me to have a messy diaper around my wife.

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    sodium bentonite looks interesting. I see amazon has food grade sodium bentonite for like $11 a pound, and non food grade for much much cheaper.
    The J lube I use with the oatmeal helps to simulate the slippery, sticky, slimyness of a natural mess. I wonder how it would do mixed with Bentonite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxroxsox View Post
    sodium bentonite looks interesting. I see amazon has food grade sodium bentonite for like $11 a pound, and non food grade for much much cheaper.
    Pure clay kitty litter is the exact same thing.

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    Not familiar with J lube. What is it? Also, don't bother with Amazon. I have searched the net for the best value. Bentonite isn't the only mud/clay either. There are pottery, crafting and cosmetic bulk suppliers. Best I have found for sodium bentonite is bought 2 fifty pound bags for around 43 cents per pound. Will post how to mix it in a few.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The mixing for sodium bentonite may seem daunting at first, here is what I learned. Have a box of surgical or disposable rubber gloves. This stuff gets gooey and sticky. Use water only.
    Corn syrup, honey or other syrups won't improve tackiness. My favorite ratio is one cup of clay powder for every 2 cups of water but you can use 3 cups of water if you like a less firm mix. This clay swells when wet so don't fret when you see the water engulf the clay, just keep grabbing handfuls and squeeze it through your fist over and over in the container you mix in.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Once you spoon the mixed clay into your diaper, you can put it on, tape up with the tabs first and then tape over that with white Gorilla tape or duct tape if you really like to snug it up without tearing the tabs. Be careful though...this clay in a diaper is very addicting. You may find yourself wearing it all day and night with no one the wiser as to what you have on.

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    Give never used clay, play-doh would work the same and there are even homemade recipes. You may get a "why do you smell like play-doh? " if you are going to be near people hehe.

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    Tried Play Doh too. Wasn't able to get the same texture and gooey/sticky feel though. Trust me. The clay is worth it. Wouldn't push the issue so hard if I wasn't totally sure you will love trying it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Google Laguna and Those are two inexpensive suppliers. Also search pottery and sculpting suppliers. There are many. The food grade is the most heavily processed and is safe for digestive cleansing, but the non food grade is all you need. If you are person who needs extra satisfaction that it is sanitary, you can spoon a bunch of powder on a cake pan and put it in the oven at 150 to 160 degrees for around 30 min and then let it cool before putting then powder in a watertight container. I haven't had to do that though. Have had zero issues. Of course, use at your own discretion. Everyone is different. One thing may not bother this person but will inevitably bother or irritate the next.

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    As for trying the Jlube...give it a try and fill me in on your results...unless I beat you to it! Ha!

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    Oatmeal, bananas, custard....all inserted in rectum with a cake the real thing to fill your diapers

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