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Thread: Wet the bed last night and didn't know it happened...

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    Default Wet the bed last night and didn't know it happened...

    So, last night I truly wet the bed and now I'm a little freaked out about it. I haven't even been near diapers for about 7-8 months so I don't know how it happened. Is this something I should be worried about or what? I believe this is the absolute FIRST time I've ever wet the bed without knowing it and it's kinda freaking me out. So, should I go see a doctor or was it just a one time thing you think?

    No, I've never wet the bed when I was younger so that's why I'm kinda freaked out. I thought this only happened some times when you're younger not at my age.

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    Maybe it was a freak thing. Sleep diapered tonight incase it happens again. And if it does, ya maybe go see the doc.

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    I have no diapers around lol. Just haven't had the money to buy any for about 8 months

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    Bryce, I am newish here at ADISC so the two of us have never directly communicated. What I see from your data is you are 20 years old and live in North Carolina. From your recent post I assume you have never been diagnosed with any type of urinary or bladder incontinence.

    If you were still a boy well under puberty or a young woman just past puberty this sort of sudden bedwetting would hardly be unexpected. Still, any case of wetting while sleeping can be a symptom of illness. Certainly a sensible parent would take a child to a primary care physician, who should refer the child to a specialist in juvenile and adolescent urology. In the case of a pubescent young woman an exam by a gynecologist would be wise.

    You are well past puberty. If you are even borderline for Type II diabetes, immediately check your glucose level. If you do not know about diabetes, this wetting could be Nature's way of telling you to have a medical check-up, including a diabetes work-up. Unfortunately there are thousands of medical conditions that can result in wetting while sleeping.

    Unless for months you have tried to wet without conscious efort, then please do take this more seriously than just wearing a diaper.

    Oh, yes, for goodness sake buy and use a waterproof sheet to protect your mattress. Seldom is wetting your bed at your age a one-time event. Maybe diapers are not the answer for you, but the fact you are a respected member here suggests you are open to wearing diapers. Diapers do leak, which is why waterproof sheets were invented. Get one and call for a medical appointment, okay?

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    Probably just a freak Accident, go tonight and see what happens. If it does continue to occur then go to the doctor.

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    I guess that's what I'll have to do, just see if it happens tonight. Maybe it was I just dead tired when I went to sleep that it happened, I don't know. I did go to sleep at 4am and for the past few months have been.

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    Proply nothing, but if it happens a few more times then I would go to a doctor.

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    It might be just a random thing, but if it happens any more, I'd go see a doctor. Like Angela said, that could be a sign of a medical problem if it persists.

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    As has been said before; if it continues to occur, go see a doctor.

    Also, single-incidence bedwetting could be an indicator of something serious like a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or a Kidney infection.

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