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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Default Hello everyone!

    I'm new here. I'm 19 years old, and a little.
    Heh, I've been staring at this post for awhile now, writing and re-writing, and I'm having trouble finding the words to express how I feel. I've never told anyone about the little side of me before. I've only just now come to terms with it myself. I've passed off getting footie pajamas and coloring books, and making blanket forts as a sort of ironic just-for-fun thing. I maintain that I adore my stuffed animals, and treasure my baby blankets, and that's normal for an adult. I can write off my often childish and giggly behavior as a cutesy personality quark. But, when I found myself leaving babies r us with pacifiers, sippy cups, and a new stuffie or two (I got a super soft bear, and a floppy puppy!) , I really couldn't play coy any longer. This is who I am, and I love it.
    Since then, I've been looking for a community of people who understand this part of me, and reaching out in attempt to connect.
    I hope to connect with you guys! Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!!!

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    Hi, and welcome to ADISC. I'm sure you will connect with lots of folks here. All those things you love, most of us here do too. Are you able to keep most of your little stuff out in the open? Does your room look like a kid's room or adult? I'm really into Paw Patrol and have bed sheets, pillows and a comforter. So yeah, my room looks like a little boy's room.

    Hope to see you around the forums and get to know you better

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    Thank you! And my room looks like a mix of both. Lots of soft blankets and stuffed animals all over the place. I have Adventure Time and Doctor Who posters on thw walls along with some of my drawing from my coloring books. I have a shelf full of all sorts of books, and a dream catcher above my bed. I have a sock monkey night light, and Christmas lights over my bed. I have a beanbag chair on the floor, and the place is a bit of a mess cuz I haven't done laundry. But my sippy cups, pacis, and such are all hidden away. I only take them out when I'm home alone.
    I like paw patrol though! It's so cute. Thank you for talking with me!

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    Hey there... Im 19 as well and a closet DiaperFurry.
    Nice to meet you.

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