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    So I have been super excited about getting these which I preordered through eBay quite a while ago... I didn't mind they were late but all this time only to find a refund for the postage in my PayPal account with a pending refund for the nappies.

    I am extremely irritated at not receiving any notification from them or options of swapping to another product especially in light of being screwed with the exchange rate and loosing money.

    I appreciate they may have had a rough deal with the Boompas (not that I know) and I appreciate they haven't stolen my money but it's frustrating all the same.

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    Dotty the Diaper Company Super Hero themed diapers!

    Feels like everything I preorder either turns out to be rubbish when delivered or more often than not doesn't ever get delivered. NEVER ever preordering again.
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    I don't really trust pre-orders either. I'm not saying I will never pre-order but that I have to think long and hard whether I do or don't.

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    Days later and the refund for the Nappies is still pending and no notification from this ABDL Marketplace still.

    I think the postage component got refunded straight from eBay but after days and days of "pending" for the nappies themselves I wonder now if they are broke or crooks.

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    I see now on their site these have supposedly arrived and they have stated all preorders have been refunded which is not true, my refund has been pending now for close to a week from them.

    Very dirty practice to hold my money and then to resell the nappies.

    To me ABDL Marketplace is NOT trustworthy.

    Will advise if my refund ever actually comes but otherwise buyer beware.

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    That's a shame but if you don't get your money that's pending you can open a case with either eBay or PayPal and get your money back that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshiDL View Post
    That's a shame but if you don't get your money that's pending you can open a case with either eBay or PayPal and get your money back that way.
    Still "Pending" so I have quiried PayPal.

    Still never heard from ABDL Marketplace and wish these double dippers nothing but misery.

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    Got my PayPal refund after the query.

    I feel used by ABDL Marketplace as a free line of credit, too presell then as soon as the nappies come in slowly begin a refund process without so much as a message from them is DISGUSTING.

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