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    I'm not talking about law enforcement here, I'm mostly referring to those who are not qualified worshiping what other people with qualifications say without even questioning it.

    Although I now have my certificate 3, I've had to deal with closed minded idiots, who pretty much worshiped a IT professional with a certificate 3 who couldn't even, get this right had no clue what the hell they were doing (image jen from IT crowd) (I should add my knowledge of computers is roughly university level, I can code, I can read and write assembly language, I could go on and on.) self taught mostly, aced my certificate 3 and plan to do uni in 2018. (dropped out due to financial issues)

    Pretty much "Jen" was going around telling people that the school was lending out laptops, and give everyone the false impression that WIFI meant free internet, anywhere. I face palmed so hard that day.

    Not only that, I pretty much had to argue to people who didn't understand the concept of the internet being a physical network of computers, "Jen" kept telling them it's just software... face-palm again.

    I than went to say that, you do know qualifications don't mean jack shit, you should look into the information themselves.

    So, guess what they do, they go to bloody yahoo answers, because they were too stupid to do basic research on Wikipedia.

    Now, to laymen people, I do come off as arrogant sometimes, but that's mostly because my general knowledge is often larger than most people, and I always have to pick at there nonsense, I'm not always right of course, but pretty much think of it like this a atheist arguing with a fundamentalist, to the fundamentalist the atheist always looks arrogant, but in reality it's the opposite way around.

    I myself hate the word opinion, reason being people can the most stupidest things in the world, and hide behind it saying oh, it's an opinion, not realizing that opinions can only apply to specific things, and not scientific fact. The sky being blue isn't a god damn opinion, you cannot cure cancer with snake oil, is not an opinion.

    Is it just me, or do people just worship authority, such as media, and not really ever question anything? I've seen people believe in myths, believe everything the telly tells them to. I've only ever come across a few people who don't come off as an idiot to me, and there god damn scientists xD. (or ironically atheists)

    I actually underestimate myself, because people don't seem to understand that I'm now qualified I can now say I know what the fuck I'm doing, even though I did it from day one. My qualification changed nothing as I already know what I'm doing. I've had the interest most of my life, and I've been learning ever since day one.

    Lets say if I said, oh my computer blew up, the first fucking thing they will tell me to do is to take it to an IT Professional. Do they not understand I am a fucking IT professional, and can do this shit myself, why should I pay an "expert" to do something I can do for free.

    I don't believe in the concept of "experts", even though I'm an IT Professional, I still feel like I know jack shit, I have no confidence in anything I do as I understand how little I actually know, while most people hold there horses high and think, oh yeah I know everything.

    To me an Expert is someone like Steve Wozniak, or Dennis Ritchie, not some random person who has a certificate 3.

    Now, don't get the impression I think everyone is an idiot, no, just most of the people I've come across seem to be, Honestly my only true friends are people who happen to be smart.

    I also have a habit of thinking people find things as easy as I do, I suggested to a friend to learn C# and boy did they struggle, and when I learned it, I picked up the basics in a couple of days, I even learned the core of C in a couple days. (the language) while I knew people who could never seem to understand it.

    But being an INTP, this does explain a lot, I've met fellow INTP's who happen to think the same way. I personally just think some peoples brains are wired for learning and knowledge, while others are more wired for social growth and development.

    I guess, the world needs a balance of different kinds of people to function, you need your scientists to develop technology, and you need the social people for businesses, caring etc.

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    Not only that, I pretty much had to argue to people who didn't understand the concept of the internet being a physical network of computers, "Jen" kept telling them it's just software... face-palm again.
    Why (did you have to argue with them)?

    If you're in some sort of tech support role, then yeah, that's part of the gig (and why it's a shitty gig).

    If this is just non-technical people having conversations in your vicinity, just let them have their conversation. Let them be wrong. Trying to jump into a conversation with non-technical people to correct them on technical details is at best frustrating, and at worst a losing battle that ultimately makes you look bad. If you've got no stake in it, why even get involved. Let them think no-nothing Jen is the greatest computer genius in the world.. doesn't (or shouldn't) hurt you.

    To paraphrase A.P. Delchi: kick ass while they suck ass. If you're a professional, you shouldn't need to seek validation from people by jumping into random conversations about wifi or whatever to prove yourself. Your validation is that someone is willing to pay you money to do what you do. That's what separates a professional from someone who read an wiki article on software once, and it's what most people gauge their opinions on at the end of the day.

    If you do want to get your jollies though, sometimes a condescending dead silence or dismissive "yeah, something like that" that clearly says "you're wrong, but it's not worth my time to explain why so I'm just gonna go with it" can do way more than a thought technical explanation can.

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    Well, lets say I didn't "jump" into the conversation, ironically they came up to me to ask me weather or not the internet is physical or software, I explained to them, in laymen's term that it's a physical network of computers, while the world wide web, is software. I told them exactly what they wanted to hear, but they were still not sure, so they went to the "IT lady" who mind you got sacked from her last job for not knowing what the hell she is doing. Lets say, that she was so bad that pretty much everyone started accessing network shares they weren't supposed to, and one person went as far as renaming everything on the network. mind you, these people were just average people who only knew how to turn on a computer and rename things.

    Of course I lost, because in there eyes I'm wrong, even went as far as explaining how TCP/IP worked, and how the world wide web still relies on a physical connection. even went as far as unplugging a Ethernet cable to prove a point. then there like, well WIFI isn't physical, eh yeah it is.. :P than I went as far as explaining how the internet somewhat still uses the telephone network for a lot of it, then there like, what the hell does the telephone companies have to do with internet... I did eventually just give them the dead eye, while they were rubbing it in my face that they were "right" drives me mental though.

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    Welcome to the world.... it's not really like the poster, most people are actually pretty stupid, lazy and selfish.

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    umm.... best of luck with all that.

    Offers you teddy bear hugs if that helps...

    Loans you a saddle and a lariat and sends you out back to the corral to gather a horse and go back on the mountain amongst 340,000 acres to find the missing cattle.

    Note: You might want to watch out for the bears (not teddy bears) and mountain lions.

    ...its all in the perspective my friend.

    (There are those who are experts in a field and those who are not. Doesn't mean that they are idiots or stupid, just that is not where their expertise may be. They can be genius in their own right, but lack any intelligence when it comes to a topic they are not familiar with. However, I pitty those who cannot understand the difference. Perhaps that is the situation you are talking about. Individuals who claim to be an expert in something, but in reality are novice or plain ignorant of what they are speaking)

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    Don't take it too seriously. You have a job because a lot of people can't or won't take the time to understand this stuff. Some are afraid of it, some don't want to invest the time, some are just thick.

    It took me almost a decade to get Mrs. Maxx to understand there was a difference between RAM and hard drive and programs. She still saves stuff and can't find it again because she never changes any default locations. "Where did you save it?" "in Windows". To her credit, she wants to learn, and wants to do things herself, its just tough for me to deal with. Where its ended up, I let her do her own thing, then spend one day a month cleaning up the mess as best I can.

    I've tried to make things easier for both of us by giving all our network bits normal names. The router is "George", the chromecast "Carl", this computer is "Hal", hers is "Mordecai" (from some book she read). AT&T is "Satan". She seems to be better with that: "I think George is acting up again" or "I can't get Mordecai to talk to Carl"

    You can make yourself valuable by being user friendly. A lot of IT people aren't, mostly because the kind of people in IT prefer machines and code, and would rather sit in the closet with their stuff than interact with anybody IRL. Its not hard to be the most user friendly IT guy in most shops.....

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