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Thread: Kiddo diaper sizing

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    Default Kiddo diaper sizing

    Can anybody give advise on kiddo playper diapers. And size comparison to other diapers

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    At the moment, Kiddo is only available in Medium. I usually wear mediums, but kiddos are a bit on the small size (but still fit okay on me with a 34 inch waist). They are definitely in between a small and a medium in Tena, and definitely smaller than ABU's Medium. If you are a small person, you will love them - one of my good AB friends pretty much only fits into Kiddos as smalls are just a bit too small, and tapes overlap when he wears medium. Large is coming soon though, and should be available in December.

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    A.B. universe has different sizing depending on the diaper. Are you trying to compare them to their premium line as far as sizing as their vintage line runs much smaller and sizing. Are the kiddo mediums the same exact size as snuggies mediums. Any input would be appreciated

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    They are alittle snug, not sure if it was a first run or not the tapes were uneven, havign said that very soft and comfortable, the all over print and landing zone make them feel so babyish

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    Never heard of these, I would love to try them too after googling them... Single tape per side as well which is fabulous!

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    yes huge fan of all single tape diapers. Easier to change

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJo1993 View Post
    At the moment, Kiddo is only available in Medium.
    I'd like to sample a bag, but I'm usually on the low end of Large, and if these fit a bit small (like say, bambino or tykables) then there's no way medium will work for me. Owell, will keep an eye out for Large when they come out. Let us know.

    There's aleady plenty of other diapers in Large available though, these sound like they're filling a neglected niche in the ABDL market for size, for the ones too big for baby diapers and too small for adult mediums. (and given the lack of size small in the ABDL market)

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