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Thread: am i a sissy

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    Default am i a sissy

    Ok so im a male but i would prefer it if people called me a girl i absolutely love to wear diapers and super girly clothes would that make me a sissy or another catagory

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    When you say you would "prefer" if people called you a girl, do you mean that you feel you are a girl and would like to be accepted as such?

    If so, you are likely a trans girl rather than a sissy.

    If however, you are happy and comfortable being a man but you enjoy being seen as a girl on occasion, sissy would be a fine label if you choose it.

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    I agree with gigglemuffinz.... I'm a sissy I enjoy being a male but like being shown off as a girl and wear girl diapers, cute sexy clothes, and just feel like a girl it's the best

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