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Thread: I want to get rid of some diapers I don't want. Suggestions?

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    Default I want to get rid of some diapers I don't want. Suggestions?

    I have too many cheap pull-up attends I don't like. And have issues just throwing them away since we don't get trash picked up here.
    My mom takes our garbage elsewhere to throw meaning I can't just put them in the garbage can or use them all up quickly. I want to get rid of them and make room for some nicer things in my limited stash.

    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlitteredArtist View Post
    Goodwill accepts incontinence supplies
    Unfortunately I live in a really small town that doesn't have a Goodwill

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    Maybe give it away to someone in the group here that would want them. You can send them by regular post and the person could even pay for that shipping.

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    Hi Sheepies maybe you could sell them if there not used on they accept incontinence supplies and maybe able to give you a discounts as a seller.

    Or maybe you could give them to your local medical care center/doctors or hospice or hospital.

    Of cause these are just some suggestions
    Yours sincerely


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    If you into planting flowers or other type of garden. Take the diaper apart and use the sap and mix it in the soil. It will hold more water for new planets. Then toss the shell of the diaper into the trash.

    Best to look up on the how too before doing the suggestion.

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    I would suggest selling them at a reasonable price. Obviously you have internet, otherwise you wouldn't be posting here, and there are a bunch of people who put up old diapers for sale online.

    Or, you could try Lestat's suggestion and use them with plants. The plant thing isn't an unusual concept at all.

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    i had a similar problem a few months ago, i bought some depends underwear (not a good idea) and found most of them lacked leg elastics. i ended up cutting the pads out of the "elastic" sections and using them as stuffers for other diapers, doesn't really reduce the size, but does make it useful. as for disposal, in your case, i would recommend keeping a duct tape (or aluminum tape) lined box in a hidden area to use as temporary storage for used diapers and related trash. just make a lid out of cardboard and you are good to go. replace as necessary.

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    Hate to tell you this, but thrift stores sometimes throw away incontinence supplies if they are not in unopened packages. I know this because I worked at a thrift store where this was the policy.

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