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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Lion and I just joined. I'm a young adult who recently started his job training. I can already tell it beats the hell out of high school (or rather our equivalent of it).

    After noticing my interest in diapers a few years ago, this site was among the many that helped me understand and accept myself. Now I might ask for advice directly rather than hoping someone else asked my question before, or even give some myself. Who knows? Most of the time I'm probably just going to lurk though, I hate being in the spotlight.
    My by far greatest passion are video games though. Just recently completed another playthrough of the Mass Effect Trilogy and I also started to play some FTL again. Though I should probably cut down on the online games and work on my backlog.

    Looking forward to having a great time and talking more openly than I could to my (real life) friends and family.

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    Welcome! I am glad you joined this group at an early age. I spent most of my life hiding my ABDL habits, but have decided to try to be more open at least to myself and my wife.

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    I really wish we didn't have to hide, at least not from the people we love. Unfortunately many think (and I can't blame them) we're pedophiles and/or perverts when they are first told, and TV depictions don't help at all. I was actually worried about this for some time because I did volunteer work in kindergarten for almost a year and decided to become a kindergarten teacher (though Kindergarten in Germany is for ages 3-6 and these days even younger children) and simply didn't like the combination of that with me being a Little.

    Also, not having anyone in your personal life to talk to can be isolating. I ended up telling my best friend recently and while he doesn't understand, I'm confident he'll keep it to himself like he promised.

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