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Thread: Reasons I need to be a baby again

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    Default Reasons I need to be a baby again

    I have seen many people say they want to be a baby but people rarely say why. For me, it's a whole list of reasons.

    I was raised in a home without love. Because I am disabled, I was harassed and mocked often.
    I have no control over 1 and 2 and will need diapers my entire life.
    I need help bathing myself
    I need help dressing
    I have limited mobility and use either crutches or a wheelchair
    I will never drive
    I am unsafe in the community alone because I have no side to side vision and would get lost easily.
    I long to be hugged and held.

    These are my reasons, now if I could only find a loving parent.

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    The reasons why I want to be a baby again are actually quite simple and they are the following.

    1. I have incontinence related problems and need to wear diapers anyway especially when it comes to nights this is because I am a hevy bed wetter and going back to becoming a baby would be hugely beneficial to me.

    2. Childhood trauma caused by constant bullying which left me with life long issues with ptsd and which caused me to have an unhappy childhood.

    3. The fact that I always have liked diapers from a early age and if I was told that I have to wear them for the rest of my life because of my disabilities that I wouldn't object.

    4. I sleep better in diapers and the fact that I secretly yurn for the experience to relive my childhood years and start all over again as a sort of rebirth of my life minus the dieying part of cause.

    5. Comfort and security reasons as well as pycalogical reasons that would make me crazy I started to ignore them.

    Yours sincerely

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    The question becomes how to go about finding a parent.

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    I have been asking that very same question for a while now and I finally came across and on there is a mommy finder all you have to do is find someone in your state or be willing to travel I hope this helps you

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    I have emailed a few from there. Response has been rare. Anyone had any luck?

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    I don't know if I want to be a baby so much as I feel I am one and want to live like one.

    We all accept that kids under about 3 are babies. Some kids are still babies at 5; you see them in diapers or getting pushed around in a stroller (someone I walked past in a bookstore once). I kind of feel I'm in the same situation - a baby at 22.

    The fact that I untrained doesn't make me feel younger. When I suck a paci or wear a print sleeper I don't feel like I'm cosplaying as someone younger than me. I feel like I'm a 22-year-old for whom pacis and diapers are age appropriate.

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    Hey CPdude!

    I know how you feel because I have CP too and my "parents" psychologically abused me because I'm disabled and chubby.

    My two reasons to be a little boy are the same that Chinababy:

    1-I have incontinence problem
    2-Because of my abuse I would like to start all over again with a lovely mommy...

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    Relax... But fisically I'have not serious problem. Just only very secret kink, that's the worst.

    Guess I'd say I'm paci's abuser and I think I NEED it for sleep. If it'd be possible, I'll use diapers very more often.

    Unsure if there's some kind of regresion. Remeber a lot of infantil abuse, alcoholic sadistic father... It'd be material for some shrink, but I wanna not anything with them, because experience.

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    Fir me it is someone to look after me.

    I think I would give up somethings and except some other things like a bed time if I had someone looking after me.

    I know not everyone would like this but this is why I would be happy to be a Little boy again.

    As it is I have to be somewhere in the middle. Not a child but not really a adult as soch. Unless a adult goes to bed with stufies, a pasifer and wearing a diaper. And does a adult need 9 hours sleep a day. That what I mean by not a real adult.

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