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    I have used hard bottles and sippy cups for many years but got my first Playtex bottle with the drop-in liner the other day and love it. Definitely my new favorite!

    Which type do you like best?
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    Think Baby. these have a nice wide fat TIT which is ideal for a larger adult mouth.

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    I haven't tried many bottles, but my favorite is a NUK bottle with sail boats on it and light blue trim.

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    I've used a few baby bottles and sippy cups as well. My favorite baby bottle so far has been the Avent anti-colic baby bottle which works the best for me. I don't like bottles that are hard to suck :P. The Avent one has a fast flow nipple and good air circulation. My favorite sippy cup is the latest one I got which is the Tommee Tippee 10oz cool sippy cup. These are great! Same like the Avent in terms of great air flow and flow rate. My only gripe with the sippy cup is that I wished it held more liquid as I tend to be a fast drinker xD

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    My personal favorite is my Nuk with blue elephants on in. Complete with a Nuk fast-flow nipple.

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