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    Since 2001 i have been a crossdressing sissy dressing in women's panties & underwear & often entertaining men who were into that lifestyle. Recently however i made the switch to becoming an adult baby. i bought, instead of tight-fitting microfiber panties, frilly, billowy ABDL panties designed to accommodate a diaper. I bought disposable diapers at Walmart. i bought an ABDL bracelet. I began buying & eating delicious Gerber's babyfood. I sleep with a big stuffed teddybear. I'm very very happy with this transition. I feel fulfilled. I also feel like I've come full circle: from little baby to big baby. I recently bought a crib at Walmart. It's way too small but that's OK. I curl up in the fetal position inside it & suck on my pacifier until sleep finally comes. If i wet myself during the night no problem: i'm wearing a Depends. I only wish i could communicate what a wonderful life this is to those who might be contemplating it!...

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    I noticed you mentioned depends, Have you tried any of the premium abdl nappies? like the ABU Cushies? those are my favorite

    depends have been a sore in my memory since I've tried other brands
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