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    Default Job Hunting.

    Well, I'm taking it another step, I said screw this I'm getting a job. I've applied for some low "entry" jobs such as call centre, maccas etc.

    Highly doubt I'll get a job but lets see what happens, if I do get a job as a call centre person, at least I can wear diapers literally all day. :P

    I'm also studying, so hopefully after i finish studying I can get a decent job like a web developer or someting.

    I will move out and get my own place but as soon as I get a low end job, I can claim rent assistance.

    That being said I never have any luck lol
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    It can be stressful and discouraging looking for a job, but don't give up. The last time I left a job, it took me a year to find the job I'd stay with. I did find some in between jobs that helped pay the bills. I actually got one low paying full time job, and a good paying part time job. When I turned 66, I retired from the full time job and I still work the part time job which paid better than the full time job. Ironically, the full time job was as a teacher assistant for our public school system. What does that say about paying teaching staff! As a church musician, I made more money than as a full time teacher assistant.

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    Good luck on the job hunt. I'm currently on temporary layoff from my job, so I've enrolled for some more safety training so I can have my tickets in case I don't get called back and have to search for something new.

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    I didn't get any of the jobs I applied for, all my applications have been unsuccessful, now I'm depressed lol.

    It's getting a lot worse where I live jobwise.

    The usual shit for entry level jobs are like.
    You need 5 years experience as a call center worker, in order to get experience you need to get a job at a call center.
    Oh, no experience required, screw you anyway, we found someone better than you with 20 years experience anyway.
    Usually want insane requirements for basic jobs.
    Maccas has even started to make it so they need less employees.
    So I'm fucked xD

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    Pretty much - this is why I ended up going back to school before I was really prepared for it

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