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Thread: Curling. who has played it?

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    Default Curling. who has played it?

    hello everyone. i am just wondering who has played curling and what they think about it and what or if they have a reason for playing it. i have played curling for 6 years now and i love it!!!! i started playing it because i am not very strong and most other sports have a lot of contact to them and i did not want to risk getting broken bones.

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    not me, but i have played [lawn] bowls
    despite Britain doing well in curling (going off what i've seen in the comps), bowls still reigns and pretty much every town has at least one bowling green.
    and i'm not even sure where the nearest ice-rink is anymore

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    I've had a go as part of a youth club I was involved with years ago, I enjoyed it but was still completely rubbish. It would of helped if I had ever watched curling before or understood the rules but it was easy enough to understand.
    I found it far better than ice skating which I found terrifying, falling on wet slippery ice with sharp blades whizzing about isn't my idea of fun.

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    Part of PE growing up was playing Curling actually, I didn't like it much though.

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