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Thread: Not this again!!!

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    Default Not this again!!!

    My brother and his mate talks loudly when I am trying to sleep and I never drop off. Some nights he is so rude and disrespectful, he told me to shut up when I had enough, it's so damn irrational and trust me I NEED My SLEEP and he will be dead if he is rude tonight!!!

    He says he is going to quieten down and he doesn't. His mate is not so polite either with shiutting up, he is already spent the whole evening here and he is playing video games!

    What can I do? I feel like ripping my hair out when this happens! My dad is not here to shout at him either! This is such a nightmare, i might as well have a one night stand (in a non sexual way, I meant stay up all night and not attempt to sleep)

    I have tried playing noisily with my blocks but it doesn't seem to be working, I am gonna scream if his mate doesn't go!!!

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    Beat his ugly face in. With a pillow.

    Or confront him, straight up and say: "Look, dude, I want to freaking sleep. Shut up already."

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    I am not a very assertive person, I am pretty shy and awkward which makes it look like I am bugging him, plus he has a temper

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    All it takes, is holding your ground, looking him dead in the eye. And not giving an inch. But yeah, it's easier said then done. To be honest, I'm not sure what else to do. Outside of maybe like, hiding his video game system. Then brokering a deal that he gets it back, if he leaves you alone to sleep.

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    When I played in a rock band, I had professional ear plugs so we wouldn't destroy our hearing. They're relatively inexpensive and you can order them online. Also, do you have something in your room to play music on. My wife and I turn our TV on to the New Age Jazz music channel and go to sleep with it playing softly. The Direct TV box eventually turns itself off when you don't change channels for several hours. Between the ear plugs and some music, you should be able to block the noise out from your very rude brother.

    My wife and I have to try to sleep through her dialysis machine which she must use every other night. The music at least, sort of soothes out the sound of the machine.

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    Take some bengay or icyhot and rub it on the inside of his underwear, they are topical creams for muscle aches/arthritis it will make his naughty parts feel like they are on fire... Revenge is a dish best served cold!

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    I used ear plugs and told my brother to shut the door and keep quiet, it went fine I went to sleep

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