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    I'm playing GTA V for the first time and only found one diaper reference so far can someone list all of them for me or post a link to where it probably already exists? I wanna hear them while I play.

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    In a side mission that Trevor gets to help the British tourists that run a store that sells celebrity items... They phone him to give him the next mission and the husband says something about his wife washing out a "nappy" they had found in some famous persons trash. It happens fast and most people that don't know what a nappy is would probably miss it.

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    Another reference is when the one main character tales his daughter somewhere she asks if its ok to "tinkle",or another word. Michael says something like I thought we already had you potty trained.

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    You know games aren't putting these references in for the ABDL crowd whatsoever, right? They're just jokes.

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    Yeah they're making fun of us but who exactly is writing and getting the jokes into these major games/movies/TV shows?

    Another reference is when Michael saves his daughter from a stalker or whatever she asks if he minds her "tinkling" (tweeting) what happened and he say something like "I thought we had you potty trained when you were X years old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxiPad89 View Post
    You know games aren't putting these references in for the ABDL crowd whatsoever, right? They're just jokes.
    That doesn't mean we can't enjoy them with a (wink)(wink) (nudge)(nudge)

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