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    I have been a ab/dl + a bed wetter for ever now but I have noticed that at times I want something more then just being in a diaper and it's not sex either it's like a craving inside of me, yeah I have my footed onesies and my snap crotch onesies but I feel like at times that's not enough to comfort me idk what I want maybe someone else has some insight that would be awesome

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    more things to drive home the illusion of being young? Teddy Bear, Crib maybe?

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    It could be a lot of things, but the 2 that come to mind are either having a significant other take care of you or that you want to be a child again. Both are common but only the former is realistic. I can go into more detail but I'm at work atm on a break. Not enough time to do an in depth analysis.

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