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Thread: whoops. um, hi ^^;;

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    Default whoops. um, hi ^^;;

    i posted a hello in the wrong forum lol. my bad.
    anyway, hi there, im new. just joined a few minutes ago X]
    I'm 15, i live in little rock. i wear diapers alot, i try for 24/7, fail miserably ^^;;
    i only own one pair of real underwear, since i never run out of diapers. My mom knows, it's just me and her in the house. I told her cause she's super accepting, and she took it well, told me it was cute, but don't wear only diapers all the time around the house. so i guess im lucky. when i run out, i tell her, and we go to the store lol. she bought me a pacifier and a bottle the other day, when she went to the store. we had a good laugh X'D
    anyway, yea, im into guitar, i like anime but don't obsess over it. i'm really thin, like 110 pounds, and im around 5'5. i love to read lol. i wear goth clothes, but only out of habit because it's all i own from my goth phase. I have a bunch of friends, only a couple of them know and they too thought it was cute. my girlfriend knows, she thinks its absolutely adorable (she has a
    pic of me in diapers on her phone lol) but she isn't into the whole thing.
    i don't really consider this my fetish, more of a lifestyle. meaning, i don't sexually get off to the diapers. i just really like them and being babied ^^
    so that's me, feel free to ask me anything, im an open-minded person, and i love to answer questions lol

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    Welcome to ADISC! Very cool that your mom is so accepting : )

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    Woah! You're quite a lucky lad! I would love to have an awesome mom like that!

    Anyways, welcome to ADISC, I think you'll enjoy it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Whats with your name?

    Are you a super hero's sidekick?
    naw, i couldn't think of a good name.
    i wish i was a super hero tho X'D

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    Welcome DiaperXBoy. It's a pleasure to see parents who are so loving and so open! You are a very fortunate dude!

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