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Thread: Which is the better diaper? (Diaper comparison)

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    Question Which is the better diaper? (Diaper comparison)

    I've tried the abena M4 i love them, I have just tried the confi dry 24/7's and They are almost better then M4's (i like i poofy and thick the dry 24/7s are) In the future I would like to try an AB/DL diaper soon, bambinos definatly look like they could be in ny near future and so are the Cuddlz diapers, what are your opinion on those two? how is there thickness and absorstion? How do you like the cuddlz and bambinos campared to the M4's and dry 24/7s?

    Aside from this question, Out of every diaper out there what is your hands down favorite?

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    This gets asked somewhat frequently, and I always answer the same... different diapers are best for different situations.... best value for lounging around the house, best overnight capacity, best wear at work/school are the big three categories. It's hard to name one single diaper that's even really good in all three of these areas let alone "best". And then you get the "best product" vs "best value" divide which can double that number.

    It's worse than trying to figure out what's the best car. Maybe as bad as what's the best vehicle?

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    I've not tried Cuddlz so cant comment on them other to say not keen on their design... I have used Bambinos and found they perform extremely well and are very comfortable... They are quite thick on their own and have plenty of space for stuffers if you like... suggest trying rearz they are` also thick comfy and fun...

    enjoy whatever you try

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