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  • I have little time after work for a couple of hours

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  • I have a bottle before bed every night, etc.

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  • I incorporate a very thing into being a little

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Thread: Do you involve baby time in your routine as a prominent thing?

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    Default Do you involve baby time in your routine as a prominent thing?

    Just wondering if you do something like having a bottle at night or play lullabies or if you make your own baby food in adult quanties

    Could you write down what you do?

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    I think I am either b or c. I do littleness time almost every day but I don't always try to incorporate it into my routine.

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    I am little everyday if I can be which is most of the time. My sippy cup is pretty much my only cup. I have a sports bottle that I take to work. It's kinda funny because I've gotten so used to drinking from my sippy and sucking out of a straw that when I had to use a regular glass at a business luncheon last week I actually dribbled a little, it was kinda funny, not professional, but funny.

    I eat almost exclusively off kids plates with toddler utensils with the food cut up before I sit down to eat. I have milk every morning and every evening, I read bedtime stories and listen to stay awake by Mary Poppins nearly every night. I watch cartoons all morning on the weekend (cartoons from the 80s mostly) and every afternoon (mostly gummi bears, chip and dales rescue rangers, ducktales, talespin, inspector gadget and scooby doo.)

    I have more toys than any child could ever want and I spend most of my spare time playing and coloring. I even watch mostly TV shows that were on when I was little at night and movies that are family friendly but most that were on when I was little (it helps with the mindset for me). With the exception of when I have to be I am little nearly all the time.

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    I am often very busy, but find myself rocking or wearing at night, especially if I am a bit stretched out.

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    Before my wife and I had a baby, our routine was nightly. Diaper time, a story and a bottle. These moments are few and far between now... but it was certainly something I would look forward to all day.

    I'm just a chubby little Trekkie baby from Canada.

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    I do have a bottle in the morning and again before I go to bed. I try to at least once a day put on my onesie. Just play with my ducky and watch cartoons.

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    I have freedom to be my little self when I want as my wife accepts me and all of this. I drink from my sippy cup every night and go to bed diapered almost every night. I'm often diapered Wednesdays and Saturdays as I don't usually have to go out into the public except for Wednesday evening when I go to work. I get cleaned up and changed for that, but I'm back into diapers when I return.

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    I have my baby regression time every single day as scheduled.

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