View Poll Results: What type of caregiver do you prefer?

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  • Dominant and Controlling

    3 9.38%
  • Teasing and Humiliating

    1 3.13%
  • Outright Mean and Sadistic

    0 0%
  • So sweet you can't help but babble

    6 18.75%
  • Loving and Nurturing

    22 68.75%
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Thread: Types of CareGivers

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    Default Types of CareGivers

    What type of caregiver do you prefer?

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    I am going into part-time care as a client/patient next year in the UK due to my disabilities with a charity called mencap who specializes in providing quality of life and dignity for people who have life long disabilities and or medical conditions.

    And as you know I have been incontinent ever-since 2010 six years ago and therefore have no other choice but to wear adult sized diapers which at times is much like being an infant again only in trapped in a 36 year old's adult's body I prefer to have some dignity and that is not always possible given that I have to change myself because at this present time I haven't got a carer to look after me although hopefully this is set to change when I finally move into my new humble abode of my new home.

    Yours sincerely

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    If I could I would pick all except for sadistic and mean.

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    I would have to say both 1 & 5.
    1) Dominant & Controlling - its doesn't necessarily have to have any harsh or mean undertones to it.
    In giving yourself to someone you need to know that person is capable of being in charge & setting rules to follow.
    Also knowing they are in control or strict isn't a bad thing & lets you be you & feel safe & protected.

    5) Loving and Nurturing - well of course! I mean like who doesn't want that! Someone that cares for you & looks over you.

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    A mix between loving and nurturing and dominant and controlling. I want a caregiver that will love me and tell me I'm "a good boy", but also one who makes clear that they are in charge

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