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    My dads asked me to listen out for the doorbell because he is away an is expecting people to be knocking for some stuff. I used to be able to hear the doorbell clearly but nowadays it either sounds quiet or I don't hear it, in fact the bst way for me to find out if someone is at the door is when the dog starts barking.

    I am up on the 3rd floor of a house but I did use to be able to hear it, in fact it used to wake me up. My dad does not know about this and I am worried if anybody came or not as he is selling some stuff. But now my dad has taken the dog with him, I can't hear the bell too well and I can esaily miss it. I can't hear if the cat is meowing outside the front door when I am in the living room anymore, my dad tells me when he hears the cat.

    I went to the doctor about this before and I got told my hearing is fine even though it looked like it was borderline mild hearing loss. My hearing shouldn't be doing this to me at this momenht in time, I am going crazy?!

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    this is one of those situations where its very hard to say whats going on, as hearing extreamly subjective.

    I know for a fact that hearing tests can be a bit biased, because a persons hearing is dependant on both the ear, and its ability to work in itself AND the human mind, which works in tandum with the ear.

    If you are concentrating 100% on a hearing test, its not your TRUE hearing, as in normal life, your mind hears things on the side or in the background and may not devote as much energy to decyphering the input its given, if its already concentrating on somthing else.

    In short, if when you were younger, you were more anxious, or hyper-aware of potentially alarming situations, someone banging on a door, someone entering your room, an ambulance outside, your mind will react quicker with a dose of adrenalin and the fight or flight response.

    If you have devloped a calm center to yourself as you have gotten older, you may not have that reaction to the same things.

    anyway thats my pseudo scientific answer

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