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    So, lately, I've been wearing Depends RealFit. I knew there aren't the best, but money and availability, you know. I like to have it thick, without leaking, and I've tried a few different options. So today, I wore one RealFit, and brought another. Shortly after wetting, I went for a change. Instead of normal, I put the dry one on underneath, then the wet one on top. Hopefully, it means another wetting (Yay! Thick and squishy) without leaks.
    Anyone else try this?

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    I wear these when I feel like I can get by without a diaper. I don't see value in putting wet ones on on top of a dry one.

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    The value is the feeling of being wet without the increased risk of leaking

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    value is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

    OP said $$ was an issue. Depend real fit are just bit of a dollar a piece.

    Cheaper to wear an Abena level 4 at what 1.65 each than $2 worth of depends. Then you can sit in a wet diaper for 5 hours if you want and likely not leak.

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