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Thread: How uncomfortable it is for you when you have a wet diaper?

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    Default How uncomfortable it is for you when you have a wet diaper?

    I just wanted to know, because when I have a wet goodnite I love the feeling of the wet diaper but otherwise I hate how it smells, and I smell it when I sit down (I only wear my goodnites and a t-shirt when Im alone in my room, and I play with myself so you know) so you can imagine how many times I have that smell on my nose and for me is very disgusting, so I just wanted to know how you guys feel when yoou have a wet diaper and if you have problems with wet diaper smell

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    Honestly unless it's something I've drank or I've been in a diaper waaay too long there's not really much of a smell on me. If I've let my used diapers overflow then I notice a bit of a smell and I immediately get those out of the apartment though. It tends to bother my sinuses.

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    It depends on what we've drank(and ate, I suppose) that determines if it smells, smells bad, or really bad. It really depends on how long it's worn. I do extended wear so I recently realized that there IS a limit on how just long they CAN be worn. Obviously, as the urine becomes "older"(9th/10th hour), the pee will STINK!-like that old diaper-in- the-garbage-can smell. NO ONE-not even the most devoted DL can realistically tolerate wearing diapers containing rotting'd think.
    The smell will eventually become intolerable.
    Also, CLOTH-BACK DIAPERS MAKE ME SMELL LIKE PEE! They're MAKING US switch to inferior products!!! We need to unite MAKE them bring back WHAT WORKS: plastic-backed adult diapers!
    Sorry bout my rant😊

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    With the quality of ABDL Diapers available now being wet only makes them warmer and heavier for the most part so I don't really mind.

    I found it strange lately using the last of my Delta M3s that it was a relief to take it off after it was quite wet.

    /agree that cloth backed products let the smell out ridiculously so, definitely better if you are more hydrated but more hydrated in my experience has led to less reliability on the cloth backed stuff... I do have high hopes for the Preschool from ABU though.

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    Having a wet nappy doesn't bother me and I am very lazy when it comes to changing. I usually don't bother until either my wife tells me I smell or it starts to leak.

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    I love the feeling of a wet diaper, it doesn't bother me, and I don't hardly have an issue with a smell. I also don't get much of a smell if I only mess my diaper, but if I do both then I get a smell and it can be hard to cover up sometimes. I'm not usually in a situation where that is an issue though. I will stay in a wet diaper for various lengths of time, and if I know it can hold it, wet the diaper twice even. Not much issue with any diaper rash either.

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    It's not uncomfortable for me at all because I can never feel the wetness and I love the bulkiness of it. If there is a urine odor, it isn't noticeable to me, and anyway I always make sure to apply baby powder while putting on each new diaper.

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    Personally I much prefer a dry diaper vs a wet one not least because I get rashes easily due to sensitive skin which I have been suffering from since I was born in 1980, but also because of the smell of wet/soild diapers I sleep much better in diapers because they make me feel comfortable.

    And I also feel better knowing that I wont leak in a dry diaper and because I have disabilities and other medical conditions as I have mentioned before in my blogs and replies to posts/threads on this website.

    Yours sincerely

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    Only time it bothers me is when i have a rash.

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    I like being in a wet diaper most all of the time, with the exception of when I have a rare rash. The only time it smells bad to me is when I haven't been drinking enough water and get dehydrated.

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