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Thread: How little do you dress in public?

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    Default How little do you dress in public?

    How little will you go in public? the littlest I have gone is a disney tshirt, short shorts dungarees and Disney princess vans.. I have also worn an anime pink schoolgirl outfit on Halloween.. both times everyone said I was adorable and loved the shoes!

    What are your littlest outfits?

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    I have gone out in a mickey mouse shirt and pants that are kids size as well as a baby diaper underneath my shorts (not obvious unless you look closely or if i bend down and the outline of the diaper becomes clearer) and a pokemon cap hehe

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    I've got a little bib romper I wear from time to time and sometimes a one piece sleeper.

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    Honestly, not at all other than occasionally a Goodnite underneath, or when I'm not diapered, sometimes I prefer to wear briefs ("tighty-whities") which are often considered childish (when I don't wear diapers I switch between briefs, boxers and boxer-briefs).

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    I usually wear tomboyish clothes, kind of childish style. But I dont think people relate it to ABDL, my little side is a bit older..sort of. I like childish hats and mittens and also tries to find shirts/socks/shoes with cildish patterns on them (like stripes, dots or stars). I dont wear childish trousers though, almost always wear jeans. When it comes to accessoares I make my own jewellery out of plastic or wooden beads and then I have hair thingys in bright colors.

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    I have a pair of shortalls I put a Blue's Clues patch on, but I gained weight and they don't fit anymore. I do, however, have overalls with a PAW Patrol patch, and Winnie the Pooh ones too. I also have a PAW Patrol t-shirt, a Blue's Clues t-shirt, and some other shirts like My Little Pony.

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    The most Little I've worn while going outside is probably t-shirts of cartoons, kitty/pokemon sweaters, brightly colored baby blue converse, and animal hats when it gets cold.
    Never gone out in a diaper though, might consider wearing a baby diaper under my clothes, but I'm undecided.

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    I guess for me are the times I've worn onesie pyjamas out in public, the first time I was out with some friends and me and another friend decided to buy some zebra onesies and wear them out around town which was fun especially when I gave one of my friends a piggy back ride!

    The next time was for my cousins birthday, he wanted a onesie party at this big indoor play centre and I had just gotten a lion footy pyjamas which was super fun to play in even if some kid ripped my tail off in the ball pit.

    The final time was last night for Halloween when I wore my chewbacca onesie out trick or treating with my little siblings, I liked that a lot as it's been the first time I've gone out trick or treating since I was little also on a side note I saw two cute girls at the mexican bazaar where I work at dressed up as babies with pacifiers, I talked to them for a bit but I'd love to have become friends with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheepies View Post
    Never gone out in a diaper though, might consider wearing a baby diaper under my clothes, but I'm undecided.
    There's nothing to it. I go out padded on a fairly regular basis, anything from a Pull-Ups training pants stuffed in my underwear all the way up to an Abena L4. Back in the summer I went to see Finding Dory in my PAW Patrol shirt with a DC Idyl under my shorts, with some underwear overtop to control the crinkling. Even smuggled in my PAW Patrol sippy cup with chocolate milk.

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    I wear little most of the time, not onesies on show or anything but a onsie undersneath my sweater sort of thing, I wear regular adults jeans, I wear knitted sweaters, bright tops, patterned tops, some with a decals but I need more of those tops, bright shoes. I like the bright beads necklace from magnolia, thanks

    I wear my hair up in little girly styles sometimes. I wear skirts and I am looking for some adult sized tights that are cute. I wear little girly socks as well, pastel colours and patterns.

    Hey does anybody with the shoe size 4 , fit into kids shoes? I had some real fab shoes that were in kids size once when I was 13-14 years old. I may be dreaming here but I thought I heard of somebody that does.

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