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Thread: Most reliable night diaper

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    Default Most reliable night diaper

    Hi all- as the title suggests, my question is what is your most reliable diaper for wearing to bed at night? I'm talking heavy use, no leaks, and can cope with a bit of side-sleeping.

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    Either Tena Maxi slips or Alvita All in one night time slips. I always wear Mylesta nylon waterproof pants over them too.

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    ABU Simple/Space/Lil Pawz.

    Very thirsty, very comfy, seem amazing for side sleeping though do note they are really wide in the crotch, can take some getting used to.

    Just noticed you are in the UK, you should try MyDiaper Nights as well, amazingly fabulous.

    If you only want medical type nappies Kolibri Comslip plastic backed white ones are great but definitely not as comfy as ABU Premium or MyDiaper Night.

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    The above would work well for slightly heavy and heavy wettings, but for VERY heavy wetting, the only diaper I can currently recommend is Rearz Safari or one if its variants like Princess. Paws and Space are very good, but last night my body played catch-up with hydration and I wet heavily (floods) maybe five times overnight, and my Space was a few inches from the back top by morning, close to capacity and no longer able to hold a full wetting at a time without leaking. Certainly not floodable again. So I actually got up in the morning with a fairly full bladder. (unusual for me) Owell at least I didn't have to get up and change overnight. It's rare for me to need that level of capacity, but a bit unpredictable. I have safari on-hand but just had gone with a space, which for me normally would be a totally safe bet for all-night protection.

    I'd suggest giving Space a long test and see if they are reliable for you - they probably are, and are significantly less expensive than safari. Space should be sufficient for 95% of diaper wearers.

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    dry 24/7 or abena level 4. A booster in either if you really want to be certain of no leaks.

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    My prefered choice is a cloth prefold with booster and PUL panties all from Changing Times Diaper Co. I'm a side sleeper
    and no leaks.

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    CVS Night Adult diapers for night or day its thick and awesome, but is the best one I found so far.

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    Molicare plastic backed maxi's are pretty awesome!

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    oh also if you don't need really high capacity and are just looking for better capacity than cheap stuff, there's a lot of good options available. any of the bambino line, abena xplus, molicare, mydiaper, tykables, dc amore, and many more, the list of mid-to-high capacity diapers is actually quite long and offers a great variety of design.

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    If I remember right, I've found Bambino Bellissimo's to be the best kind of night diaper.
    Supah thick, and very absorbent. Not to mention pretty cute prints. I like em a bunch ^^

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