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    For those who have caregivers regularly, how did you tell your caregivers about abdl desires? How did they take this news? Any advice on how to start this conversation?

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    My current nanny is an older lady who'd been doing personal assistant work for me for about 10 months. In that time, as I got to know her, I judged her to be the most maternal woman I've ever met.

    Finally, I sat her down in my living room, sat across from her, and asked, "Do you think you could change a wet adult diaper?" The rest of the conversation evolved from that point. I explained to her how my infantilism is a coping mechanism and helps me relax, told her what I needed from a caregiver, and she agreed to try.

    As you know from my previous posts, I've had other babysitters and nannies over the years. In a very real sense, I think God put this lady in my life at this time in my life. Not only is she the best and most enthusiastic carer I've ever had, she's also become a very dear friend. In that respect, at least, I'm truly fortunate.

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    I told both of my ex daddies casually in conversation, I basically said to them "Have you ever heard of ddlg?" It was mostly when we were talking about intimacy, secrets or interests... They took it amazingly well and wanted to be daddies instantly, I have even told people who are just my friends and even my auntie who is also a little.. I just wait until they bring up something relatively childish.. I'd say wait until something relevant is brought up or intimacy is discussed.. or I get drunk and tell people.. that worked too I explained how it was fun and I just loved being a toddler again! They loved it too and felt it would be fun and wanted to be my dom/daddy.. I don't wear diapers though and have absolutely no interest in them, so that in itself makes it easier..

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    I met my wife and mummy on a diaper dating website. We fell in love as adults, and the closer we got the more of this side of me we began to share. Now she is my wife, my best friend, and my mummy when i'm little. I'm truly lucky. And truly gifted to share my life with the best person in the world!

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    Me and my Mama were in a D/s relationship before ever adding the md/lb dynamic. I remember the first time i regressed with her and I was so fearful of calling her "Mama". We ended up breaking up for a while due to outside circumstances and in that time I realized I wanted a D/s relationship with a HEAVY md/lb influence. My Mama and I started talking again and I told her what I had discovered about myself, sure she wouldn't want anything to do with it only to be told that she was looking for a little boy while we weren't together. Turns out we ended up wanting the exact same kind of relationship.

    Basically I just told her, fearful of her reaction only to realize she wanted the exact same thing as me. It helped that we had already established a D/s dynamic and were pretty transparent with one another at that point.

    Honestly just sit someone down and tell them, there's no real specific way to do it. It's scary but it has to happen regardless, you don't want to hide who you are inside a relationship.

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    What would become my wife found out about my incontinence at a party a friend threw. I hadn't told her, but I got drunk and leaked. I actually lost my glasses at that party and she was the only one I knew wasn't drunk, but I hesitated to contact her about it out of embarassment until my friends gave up and didn't think they could find them. Finally I messaged her, she told me they had fallen behind a speaker by the TV, and we kept talking, we had a mutual interest in Harry Potter and Nirvana and we traded bits of trivia and opinions and stuff and not long after that we started dating.

    It wasn't until a while later that I told her about my ABDL/Little interests, back then neither of us had stable households and we didn't have internet in them so we were spending most nights at a local McDonald's using the wifi and one night I got up the courage to show her, but she was very supportive and independent of that had already taken over changing me because she was tired of how long it took me, lol. She was already into BDSM and was a Dom so it just sort of became incorporated into that anyway. It was like the stars aligned and I'm very lucky to have her.

    Sadly my back has deteriorated to the point that I'm a little more dependent on her than I'd like, but it doesn't bother her a bit. ^__^

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