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Thread: Wetting and then sleeping?

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    Default Wetting and then sleeping?

    So I have a question that I'm sure some if not most of you here know the answer to, this happens to me all the time. I'll wear underwear all day until I pull up my diaper at the end of the day, more often than not before bed. Just before bed I often give it a good wetting just to get the ball rolling (and kind of to warm up, it was cold last night) but I've been cautious lately about sleeping in a wet diaper. Is that bad for your skin? Because I've noticed extra sensitivity in the skin around that area, do the math, and it's bothersome. I'll probably keep doing this, but my main question is, are there any actual skin problems that can spawn from this? I'd hate to surrender my health for a fetish, thanks guys, stay diapered!

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    Go ahead and do it. I usually either wet before sleeping or wake up, wet and go back to sleep.

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    I'm an actual bedwetter so I don't purposely wet before bed as I need the protection. If it's already wet before falling asleep I might exceed capacity when I most certainly wet it again in a few hours. Some nights I wet more than once and wake up in a very swollen/bulging diaper. Anyway, I rarely wake up when I have my accidents and end up sleeping in a wet diaper pretty much every single night for many hours. I really never know what time I wet, but before I started managing my bedwetting with diapers, it seemed quite random (could be a half hour after falling asleep of not until 5am or anywhere in between). My skin seems fine, but does occasionally feel a little irritated. If my skin feels like it's starting to get irritated I'll use a good barrier cream like hydro-latum.

    A good, premium diaper is supposed to wick all the moisture away and lock it up as a gel via the SAP. This is why a wet diaper doesn't really feel wet and you don't wake up uncomfortable and wet feeling like if you just wet your bed with your pjs on. Even so, some of that moisture does stay on your skin and the ammonia content in urine certainly can become a skin irritant. A good heavy barrier cream with prevent this and re-moisturize.

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    No more problems than already occur from wearing anyway. It's only the length of time that's different. As long as you know how your skin responds to staying wet and that you're already taking precautions against rashes if you need to then nothing should really be any different.

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    I often wet before going to bed and shower and change back to underwear in the morning. In fact I'm writing this in my PJs and a wet nappy (and annoying it leaked a bit as I was lying down).

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    I have been in a wet diaper every morning for the last three or 4 years, usually wet within the 1st hour of going to bed, I get up in the morning with a very very wet diaper about once a week or so i leak out and wet the bed and that is including my legs and chest area, I shower and dress for work and have never had a skin issue to date ,,, hope i didn't just jinx myself.

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    I find that it can be hard on my skin when it's a cloth diaper but disposables are good for overnight without much risk. Cloth leaves much more urine in contact with the skin for longer, so it becomes a matter of how diluted the urine is and how long you're in the diaper.

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    I use Sudocrem and powder and they do seem to help.

    If I do have a warning it would be that if you are a certain kind of person (I am) it may be a trigger for bedwetting if you do it for long enough.

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    I usually try to get to sleep with no pressure on my bladder, so I can get at least a little sleep dry before my first wake-wet-back-to-sleep. Gives my skin an hour or three more time dry. I wear a variety of diapers from one night to another, some of them leave my skin dryer than others. So it's all about keeping my skin happy. Because when the skin isn't happy anymore, special steps have to be taken to get it healthy again, and that can greatly limit my options for a few days.

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    I've been wearing a wet cloth diaper to bed for the past several years and it hasn't bothered me at all. I put on J & J nighttime diaper cream in the morning after my shower and that's about all I do. I'm sure everyone is different and have different skin sensitivities. My skin seems to be tough.

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