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    Hello, everyone!

    You can call me Del. The forum doesn't like three-character names, and...I only just thought about checking to see if spaces are supported, but whatever, haha! I'm a photographer, as well as an amateur meteorologist and astronomer. I'm also one of those annoying generous-to-a-fault Eagle Scouts that can't help but try to help every single person they meet, so if anyone ever needs to talk, I'm happy to listen!

    I've been lurking here for years as an unregistered user, but finally decided to actually poke my head in. I'm a DL and kind of a little, like many of the people here, but I'm suddenly finding myself dealing with rapidly-worsening incontinence just as I was getting ready to try diapers for the first time. I've been living for years with very mild incontinence that wasn't anything my regular underwear couldn't handle, but it's suddenly getting worse, and looks like it will only continue to do so, at least for the time being. Looks as though it's likely from the lovely combination of head trauma, PTSD, and malnutrition, as well as a probable case of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and a possible Chiari malformation. Who knew incontinence was a documented symptom of EDS? I sure didn't until last week. I'm pretty overwhelmed by it at the moment, because this was not at all how I'd planned on getting involved with diapers. I was hoping to be able to wear them as I pleased, rather than be forced into wearing 24/7. I figured I'd stop in and ask around the incontinence sub-forum for some advice, as this seems like a nice place that would be able to help me adapt to my new situation while still being understanding of my less-conventional attitudes toward diapers. Expect to see me posting there sometime this week.

    I love music photography, documenting a concert, capturing an artist's sprit as they perform, and the audience as they get caught up in the music. It's so much fun having to adapt to the changing lighting and the crowds at a concert. Oh goodness, the crowds... You want a real rush? Try being forced to vault over a third-floor balcony's handrail and dangling there for a bit to avoid a stampede of 250 hungry tweens between sets at an arena that was estimated to be 1,000 over capacity! That moment when you exchange glances with the stunned gray-haired usher who you'd swapped places with thirty seconds prior? Priceless. Lindsey Stirling would have to be my favorite musician (listening to Brave Enough right now, actually), and I can't wait to shoot one of her concerts someday. My other big things are general event photography, landscapes, macro shooting (close-ups), astrophotography, and portraiture, so basically everything, haha! I love showing people that they're beautiful the way they are. I really enjoy exposing my industry's dirty little secrets to people, showing just how much they're being misled by all the pictures they see in the media. It's amazing how much you can do before you even get an image into Photoshop. Showing people that, then using those same lighting and composition techniques on them, and seeing the boost to their self-confidence when they realize they look just as good as any model, that's what I live for. I managed to let those images get the better of me, even knowing how they were created, and developed an eating disorder as a PTSD coping mechanism. My ongoing journey through recovery led to a passion for helping others realize that they are beautiful, inside and out, that it's what's inside that truly matters, and that there are plenty of other healthy coping mechanisms available.

    I also really enjoy games like Elite: Dangerous and the Battlefield and Forza series, as well as doing audio and video work. I enjoy writing when I'm passionate about the subject (photography, tech, video games, mental health, self image, and eating disorders are good examples of subjects where I'll write for days on end), and have a strong tendency to create text walls, no matter how short I try to make something (I've been getting better at that since I've spent the past four months on an IRC network with a three-message floodwall which I've somehow managed never to trigger). It's rather ironic, since it takes me a whole hour to come up with a sentence when writing is actually assigned... I've been told that I'm an extremely talented writer, so hopefully my text walls aren't too tedious to read, haha! Free bag of popcorn with each of my posts! I'm also thinking about jumping down the rabbit hole that is community theatre, too, so we'll see where that leads! Here's hoping I keep my head!

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    Hello DelC and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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