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Thread: No emotion.

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    Default No emotion.

    I literally feel no emotion, and empty nullness. nullable.

    Have been this way for a little bit, I feel nothing, what is wrong with me.

    Sometimes I can connect with myself, other times I cannot.

    Who the hell am I, why do I feel huge detachment from myself and my emotions.

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    Might be going through a bit of depression. Have a chat to your GP. Hope you feel better soon.

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    I'm in the same spot Shybug, I just recently went to talk with my doctor, and i was prescribed prozac for my depression and anxiety. I have been feeling apathetic like you say you have been. No feeling towards anything, things I liked to do I had no interest in. I didn't even want to go out with my friends or leave my house. My doc showed me this diagram, and the jist of it is that your mind and mood are separated into three boxes, one is chemical, the other is life and your daily stressors and relievers, and the last is your goals/motives. If you don't put good things into your life, and make a habit of being upset or by yourself and overthinking, you'll feel worse, which drains you quite a bit. And your tanks are empty, but you need to fill them back up with positive things like relationships, exercise, activities, etc. You just have to keep it pushing.

    He also asked me a trippy question, which was "What would you want on your epitaph/gravestone ninety years from now? How can you have it written the way you want it? What do you want it to say? I didn't know, I still don't. We're young. I feel the exact same. But the big thing to motivate yourself and jumpstart your life again is to find your passions, focus on what you want and go straight for it, no looking back. Easier said than done, yes, but that talk kind of made me realize that life is a game and you want to make it awesome. Everyone has so much potential because you're the only you there is. There will never be another person exactly like you. That's your gift. I imagine your apathy and lack of emotion comes from lack of direction, hope, or drive. You have to try to be happy and secure because everything else in the world wants you to be beaten down and unhappy.

    This isn't necessarily something you can always fix on your own, and it helps to talk to someone who is an expert or professional. They can really lay out how you're feeling and help you understand what's going on in the ol' gray matter. You deserve to be happy and live healthily, and you should feel like you know yourself. I'm still learning about myself. No one has it all figured out, and nobody is the exact same. If you feel like you're going to harm yourself or anything absolutely seek help immediately. But if your apathy persists, consider talking to a doctor, it helped me a bit and I'm working on getting better and being happy. I have bad days where I'm angry or not feeling, but I know it's gonna get better and there's definitely more to living than feeling nothing. It's out there, have hope! I hope at least some of this helped, or gave you an idea of what path you need to take to live right. I hope you feel better very soon!

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    I get that a lot, its depression, I have a psychologist and therepist now and hopefully they will help

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