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Thread: My CV at I make and sent to college

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    Post My CV at I make and sent to college

    I made a quick CV well I say quick.

    In hobbies and intrest they said you want to make your CV stand out so I put I like partending to be a baby in my spear time

    It is a little hint of me been a ABDL

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    So I looked up ''CV'' and see that it's basically a long resume...

    At the risk of sounding mean, ab activities is not something you disclose in a professional/educational setting... and what you did was a stupid move. Did you stop and think what other people will think of when they read that you like pretending to be a baby? It's not something everyone understands and it's not something that's widely accepted. I don't know what exactly your curriculum vitae is for, if it's for college admittance or for a job search or whatever, but you've just painted yourself in a very bad light and people are going to be very questionable of you.

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    Might not be the best way of getting work offers. Might want to swap that for something like 'Golf'.

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    Ah, for college. Yep maybe try hobbies like reading, or something a bit less 'out there!'. I think what would actually happen is that they would read it, and think thst you are not taking your CV seriously. Rewrite it, and keep it proffesional. That's my advice!

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    What if the person reading this equates AB with pedophilia, and forwards it to the police? Sure, they couldn't really charge you with anything right now. But you would be on their radar now, in a manner of speaking. God forbid some monster does something to a kid in your neighborhood, the authorities will be wanting to have a little chat with you.

    You could be opening yourself up to experiencing a horrible living nightmare.

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    I have to agree with the people above. The ABDL lifestyle is something that shouldn't be put on a Resume/CV. I get it, you want to stand out above the rest, but unless you are applying for a position in ABDL sales, its not a very wise thing to put on any paperwork for a potential employer.

    Sure, its not a bad thing. Sure its not illegal. But the problem that you face is people assuming things that just are not true. You would be putting yourself in danger by publicly announcing this on any type of formal paperwork.

    So this is what I would say. Creative Mind, book worm, problem solver.

    Written in Reno NV -PT-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angellothefox View Post
    I made a quick CV well I say quick.

    In hobbies and intrest they said you want to make your CV stand out so I put I like partending to be a baby in my spear time

    It is a little hint of me been a ABDL

    Hi Angellothefox.

    Really have you? Or are you just pulling our leg. If you pull the other one it got bells on it.

    Anyway you might won't put it slightly different if you are going to put it on your CV, something like I enjoyed spending my free time relaxing in an regressed state of mind. But be ready to answer questions on that if you get an interview.

    Also on your strengths and weaknesses you could put that you can problem solve by seeing complex problems in a simpler way.

    Yea I know its all a bit like adulting. But a nicely coloured in picture isn't what the other grown ups want, and sometime we have to play by there rules. Yeah I know it not fair. But that's grown up's for you. You just going to have to adult up for them.

    All the best Little one


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    As far as hobbies and interests go, I was always told in college that they don't belong on a resume unless they're related to your career. They probably aren't hurting anything unless you don't have room for other more work-related stuff.

    You definitely should not be putting anything remotely fetish related (and yes, ABDL falls into that category even if it's not sexual for you.)
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    I definitely agree with everyone that putting ABDL on your resume or CV is a terrible idea.

    Yes, you want your CV to stand out. And while putting ABDL will certainly make you stand out, it won't be in a good way. Unless you're applying for a job at ABUniverse, having ABDL on your resume will essentially torpedo any chance of them calling you for an interview.

    I definitely agree with HogansHeroes that you should avoid having hobbies and interests on your resume. Remember, the employer is going to be going through hundreds of resumes, and you pretty much will only have 10 seconds for it to make an impression. You want everything on your resume to tell your employer "You should hire me over everyone else because X, Y, and Z,". If it's not proving to the person reading the letter that you're the best qualified person for the job, it shouldn't be on your resume.

    This goes for every hobby or interest you have that you can't spin as a skill that will help you perform the job better than anyone else or gives you a perspective that'll help the company. And ABDL does not do that. If anything, they'll probably be weirded out and probably joke about it during their break. Definitely remove the ABDL reference as well as anything that isn't proving why you're the best person for the job.

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    Yes putting hobbies even not work related is common on cv's, albeit putting something like Abdl is totally inappropriate...

    Personal things, like being IC or liking bondage, or being bisexual, liking to frequent strip clubs is all inappropriate

    When reading your cv, and I've read a lot of them, first thing I'd say was this person is exhibiting in inappropriate and looking for attention, also most likely can't keep any secrets as well..

    Now remember I'm looking at this from my personal view, and obviously being abdl know about it and even on a personal level would think it's ok...

    But, from a business sense I wouldn't even call you back with that on your resume. Businesses are looking for people than can not blab everything they see at work, and also don't need an employee that likes to draw attention to himself in a socially awkward or worse manner.

    My view is flat out, this person will be trouble n one way or another, and I have enough to do without extra issues!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angellothefox View Post
    I made a quick CV well I say quick.

    In hobbies and intrest they said you want to make your CV stand out so I put I like partending to be a baby in my spear time

    It is a little hint of me been a ABDL
    Self expression is not a bad thing, and if you feel comfortable and safe hinting about this part of you a little to your friends you absolutely should.

    But the world of work is not the place for self expression. That goes for everyone, not just AB/DLs. You should be trying to show a normal, capable and enthusiastic personality when you're applying for jobs or talking with your superiors if you want to succeed. It might not sound very fun but work isn't your whole life and the rewards for getting a job you like and you're good at are definitely worth a little acting.

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