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Thread: What is your routine?

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    Default What is your routine?

    I am trying to sort myself a routine out but since I have depression again, I find it hard to follow one.

    I want to hear it from you guys what routines you have and I can create a better one.

    I want one easy to follow and one that won't Burnme out

    Can you write your routines down so I can read them?

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    I would suggest that you go into the group "School House Rocks: ADISC" and look at the threads on coping mechanisms and ADHD.
    There is plans and suggestions for helping with this kind of issue.


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    My routine depends mostly on what I am doing during the day or nights, as you know I have to wear diapers much like a baby/toddler bellow is an example of a typical day at my home in the UK.

    My daily routine starts during the day and is actually quite simple it is wake up check the diaper is not soild if so change it, put a fresh one on after a shower get ready as in dressed put my cloths over my diapred butt check myself in the mirror to see if the diaper is showing then go downstairs for breakfast and off to work.

    At nights it is get home put my stuff in my room change out of my work cloths and into a fresh diaper and lay back and relax on the bed before placing a t-shirt/vest on to cover my chest and then go to sleep and start all over again, periodically get up during the night to check my diaper and I nessisaray change it get rid of the used ones into the rubbish/trash and start over again as a child mentally at least whilst cuddling my giant teadybear.

    Yours sincerely
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