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Thread: Why is it so hard for me to fall asleep with a diaper on?

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    Default Why is it so hard for me to fall asleep with a diaper on?

    I thought it would relax me but it makes me a little anxious. I'm comfortable, and I like how a diaper feels, but when it's time for bed I toss and turn? Does anyone else get like this? I'm a new ab and new to wearing. Any suggestions for helping fall asleep while diapered?

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    I'd just say you have to get more used to wearing diapers... The first time I tried sleeping with one I just couldn't sleep, after wetting it for 2 insomnia riddled hours, I took it off. I went through a period where I couldn't wear diapers, and now that I'm padded again I even fall asleep with it on. I think it's more about not making it an ''event'', just a regular monday...

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    Sometimes. Usually it's because I'm warm and the diaper is making me sweaty! It's comfy but just too hot.

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    I agree, I had to take my pants off, to cool down. I want to try the cloth backed cushies and see if they are more breathable, and to see how absorbent they are. I like the idea of a cloth backed abdl diaper. I want to be comfortable enough to wet without thinking, and completely enjoy the moment and not worry about leaking or anything.

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    Like your other post of having trouble using a diaper it takes time for your body and mind to adjust to it being common place. Most people (unless drunk or insanely tired) sleep in the same position every night. For instance I typically sleep on side/stomach. When I had a ankle injury and had to keep it elevated and sleep on my back it was damn near impossible. Same with diapers you are adding a new variable to a routine you have done thousands of times and it takes time to adjust. I used to take mine off every night as I couldnt do it - now I honestly have times where I wake up and and walk out to get a glass of water or something and realize I fell asleep with my diaper on. I am not 24/7 but live alone so wear most nights after work and errands so it has become a normal thing for me and I have no problem falling asleep. Sorry for the longness of this post - but in summation - it takes time for your body to aadjust to new things.

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    im a bit like that It could be excitement it dose used to

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