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Thread: Best affordable pacifiers and snap crotch onesies?

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    Default Best affordable pacifiers and snap crotch onesies?

    So I've been around this site a little but mostly in the diaper lover threads, but I'm realizing I do have a little side and I'd like to get a pacifier and a onesie. I don't have a lot of money so I was wondering where the best place is to get something decent. I have been looking on amazon but if there's a better place I'd love to know! Thanks guys

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    The cheapest adult pacifiers I've seen around are on The quality isn't so great though. You can also get good deals on Etsy!

    I've gotten my onesies on Amazon and eBay. Prices range from 20ish to 40ish USD. I am into cute kiddie prints though, im are there are cheaper plain ones out there!

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    I got some pacifiers from Amazon recently from the seller "little for big". The mouth guards could be a bit bigger but the teat feels big enough to be right.

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    They also have single packs for under $10

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    Default has plain onesies starting from $25 and up for prints. I like them better than any of the other companies, onesiesdownunder, LittleForBig, etc, the fabric doesn't seem so thin and cheap and I've had a few for years now and they're not falling apart after daily use. I usually wear one to bed when I goto sleep at night, they're stretchy & pretty comfy ��

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