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Thread: How many diapers per day...

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    Question How many diapers per day...

    (on average) when you're wearing 24/7? I think I'm averaging 7-8 / day at least (on weekends). The changing is fun and I'm getting real good at it Starting to get a bit expensive though since I'm wearing more often now these days (not sure why).

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    When I wore 24/7 I averaged 2-3 a day. I'm thinking about going 24/7 again with cloth. I still wear panties off and on. I wore them today for three hours before my shower.

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    Wow guess I'm drinking too much (soda + water)...

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    Depends on what you use, how many you use at a time, and how much you drink. Total diapers though, I'd say maybe 4 a day (with no school/work to distract from peeing), and on weekends: 6?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamperable View Post
    Wow guess I'm drinking too much (soda + water)...
    Or maybe get better quality diapers. Store brands/depends aren't really worth going 24/7 in since you will change so much over time it will costs more then Abena X-plus would.

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    When I try it, probably around 2-3. I'd like to start out with generic briefs from Walgreens or something so the cost stays managable.

    7-8 is a lot to go through with any decent brand.

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    Seven or eight a day? Sounds like you're more into changing than into wearing.

    Or you're buying really cheap diapers.

    I'll go through three or four typically if I wear all day. But they really need to be changed by the time I do it.

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    Yeah I have been changing them pretty soon after I wet. I should have more faith in my diapers (depends)!

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