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  • Act up and say you do not need pacifiers pacifiers are for babies

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  • Turn the embarresment on him just incase anyone did see

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  • Make sure to cover your trick o treat bag so that no one else would know

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Thread: Halloween going trick and treeting poll

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    Default Halloween going trick and treeting poll

    I honestly do not know where to put this It is not a story so Story thread is out of the question.

    And it is not too much of a RP so?

    Here is a made up senerio.
    You are 7 years old and you went trick o treating with 3 other kids all younger then you.
    You had your favorite costume on.
    One of the kids is a 5 year old boy
    another one is a 4 year old girl and the last is a 3 year old boy.

    The dad of the 3 year old boy and the mum of the five year old boy has come with you.

    Nobody knows you like baby stuff you would have got some diapers if you thought you parents was cool with it.

    You have been knocking at each door and your finally at your older friends house who is 10 years old Markle. Markle likes baby stuff too and he knows you like babystuff. You knock at his door.
    He opens it no sign of his parents and he gives each of the 3 kids candy before dropping 3 pacifiers in your bag along with some candy.

    You do not think nobody has seen your friend dropping 3 pacifiers into your bag?

    What do you do?

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    Say thankQ and carry on.

    But the senerio silly. Well I think it silly. If i was 7 and I had a freand that was 10 and we were both into baby stuff. We would of told my Perents that we were going to dress up as babys for Halloween perfect excuse to have a diaper on for the evening.

    But it would make a good story thought.

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    Just go about everything normally and move on. If anyone were to ask, just shrug your shoulders and assume that your friend Markle must have been playing a prank on you.

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    hypothetical situations involving children seems a bit too much of a cross over between real children and abdl for my tastes.

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