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Thread: Messing and Clean up

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    Default Messing and Clean up

    So I love wetting and urine doesn't really bother me in the slightest. However, every once in a strange while i decide it might be a curious idea to mess in a diaper. Its all fun and games until it comes time to take the diaper off and clean up (shortly after). Of the handful of times I've done this, at that point when reality and the smell sinks in I just about throw up in disgust. Like my visceral reaction is so strong i can hardly bare it. Now it isn't common for things to evoke that strong of a reaction in me. I'm disgusted by certain things as most are, but usually i tend to have a stronger stomach or at least can keep my cool about it.

    Without going into too much detail, I'm not sure if my "messes" are bigger messes then most, or if I'm just a wimp about it. Does anyone have a similar experiences with messing? How do those who mess on a regular basis deal with the cleanup process?

    Sorry if this post was gross but its hardly off topic here and I know I cant be the first to experience this.

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    I don't gag or anything, but it's definitely not enjoyable to clean up, especially if you sit in it.
    I don't mess often, but any time I do I always clean up as much as I can with wipes and then jump in the shower. And don't let the messed diaper stay in the house for more than a couple minutes or it'll really stink up a room.

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    Yeah when i sit in it it ends up spreading forward to my erm dangley bits. not fun to deal with. didnt think about wipes. I just jumped in the shower and there was enough mess still hanging around to cause issues for the drain. got me thinking how the heck do people deal with this on a regular basis.

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    I also don't do it often, but the best way to handle the clean up I've found:
    1) remove the diaper while standing over the toilet, set it down carefully.
    2) double/triple up a wad of toilet paper and scrape what you can in a single pass directly into the toilet
    3) fold and bag diaper (important to do this asap for smell)
    4) maybe take another swipe with more toilet paper and/or a wipe
    5) shower

    It also helps for it to be as firm as possible. Firm and dry = way easier cleanup.

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    Can't say I find the smell of my own poop disgusting, it's not pleasant and it's a strong odor, but I don't find it disgusting. When it tends to become a little disgusting is when I have to clean up but even then I can't say I feel repulsed by it, unpleasant is how I would describe it.

    Now why that is I don't know. Maybe it's because of what you eat, or maybe because people are different.

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    I don't like the smell, but I feel like I can ignore it while cleaning up. It's usually not until after cleaning up does the smell really hit me. It's also good to know that the sooner you clean up after messing, the better off you'll be and it'll usually not smell quite as much.

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    This is how one person who has to do it 24/7 deals with it EVERYDAY in 5 easy steps;

    1: Lay on your back on a changing mat and un-tab the diaper.

    2: Using the front (hopefully clear of any 'messy' debris) portion of the diaper make a firm wipe starting from a clean area on your bottom.

    3: With continued pressure 'squeegee' your way all the way down and back till you reach the end of the mess on your back side. Using your feet to lift your bottom helps maintain the 'squeegee' action. Try to collect from all the surface you can manage with two hands 'squeegee-ing'.

    4: Pull the mess that is now safely tucked under you away and proceed to using wipes.

    5: Bag the bundle of mess and dispose of it if its disposable, or if its cloth, dump the load into a potty and proceed with your washing regimen.

    If done properly, any and all bulk of the mess has been wiped of with the 'only wet portion' of the diaper and is now tucked over and ready to be disposed, with the added benefit that is you never have to look at and deal with all the 'crap' stuck under you.

    You will also find the wipes have no trouble cleaning what little residual mess is left behind. I have found that if you don't use this method then you may go threw 50 or more GROSS icky wipes! Doing it this way even after a churned mess only results in 3 - 5 lightly 'colored' wipes.

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    I used to have the same reaction, I’d be gagging while in the shower cleaning myself up, but nowadays it doesn’t bother me at all. I tend to wear diapers about 90% of the time now, and I fully use them as intended. After the first dozen or so messy diapers, you’ll likely find that it stops bothering you.

    Some tips for clean up:
    1) If you’re comfortable doing so, keep your pubic hair very short or shaved. This helps reduce cleanup time, as poop usually gets stuck on all the hairs. It's worth it if you enjoy messing more than once every few weeks or more.
    2) Baby wipes – Lots of them. Especially until you get used to it, you’ll need a lot of baby wipes to really get clean. I can usually get fully clean with about 10 wipes now, but initially I’d easily go through at least 20.
    3) When you remove the messy diaper, squat down and untape the diaper while holding it so it doesn’t fall, and then gently ease the diaper down onto the floor. You can use the padding of the diaper to wipe the excess off as you remove it. You’ll probably want to hover over the diaper while you clean yourself, at least until you’re sure there’s none that will drip/drop onto the floor. If you can’t squat, then I personally find that the corner of a bed is an acceptable alternative. Just stand up against the corner of the bed and follow the above method.
    4) Have a plastic or garbage bag ready to put the used diaper into, and ideally you’ll want to double/triple bag it if it’s really nasty. Dispose of it ASAP.
    5) Although everyone recommends showering immediately, and while I agree that it is ideal, you don’t usually need to shower in order to get clean. Having said that, I have some digestive issues, so I know there are definitely times where it’s necessary to shower immediately, and if you’ve messed at some point during the day it’s best to shower at some point anyway, but usually wipes will suffice.
    6) If you’re planning on continuing on wearing afterwards, I recommend using powder and/or reapplying your deodorant or cologne when you change, in order to mask any residual odor.

    All of this is just what I’ve learned through my own experiences, so there’s probably better ways to go about this.

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    I don't mind the cleanup, actually I love to mess And the cleanup is easy, my shower cap has a 'jet' function, so it's all good...

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    I like squishy's procedure. Usually I add one step where I stand up and shake myself and try to move the bigger part of the clump into the diaper before i follow the rest.
    Wet wipes help a lot. I gave up and started using adult-size wipes most of the time rather than baby wipes just because I need larger surface area.

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