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Thread: budget diapers? (can baby diapers work?)

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    Default budget diapers? (can baby diapers work?)

    I am unable to purchase diapers online, as i dont fancy credit or debit cards, and pay for everything in cash. the cheapest adult diapers i cant find in real life are 10$ a package, and typically i dont have that much free money to spend. is buying baby diapers a good alternative? id ont mind leaking diapers as i switch between peeing in my pants and in diapers, but it might wont be able to wrap around my body.

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    Not as good, but can work much like a pad or guard. Pullup or tape adult diapers are better.

    If in US, sometimes you can get adult diapers cheap off of craigslist for cash. Also check Goodwill stores.

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    Have you tried L/XL GoodNites?

    If you don't mind leaks go for baby diapers in size 7. They likely won't fit unless you have an extremely small frame but they will sit in your underwear like a pad and do a decent job at absorption as long as you don't flood.

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    i was going to get the goodnites brand but the smallest package was a wopping 15$

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    Honestly I think you should get the Goodnites. They're probably the best you'll get for $15.

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    You kind need an incontience pad to have a good absorbancy, put it in your baby diaper and it works quite well

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    When I've run out of diapers and am waiting on some to arrive in the mail I've made myself sort of a makeshift diaper. This is basically a store-bought adult pull-up with one, or sometimes two, large baby diapers inside. It works pretty well. The baby diapers are quite absorbent and you can fix them on to your pull-up using the tapes. You can buy cheap baby diapers in bulk and generally can re-use the pull-up several times so it is cost-effective.

    However, baby diapers are not really an amazing substitute overall and you'd be better off getting a debit card and ordering something decent!

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    What I sometimes do is stuff a L-XL Goodnite with a training pant, a Pamper or Huggies. I can fit pretty well into L-XL Goodnites due to being a bit small for a 21-year-old, plus I prefer baby and youth diapers for their designs and it makes the experience feel more authentic.

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    If credit and debit cards are the problem, you can buy a visa gift card most anywhere and use it to make online purchases.

    Otherwise I'd stake out Craigslist, thrift stores, and LetGo to try to find good deals on quality adult diapers. There are always lots at the thrift store when we go, and they're always less than $5 a pack! Sometimes they're not the highest quality but they beat squeezing into goodnites

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    Can baby diapers work? Probably not. But toddler ones can. Go for the biggest you can find. I weigh 138 so getting a 130+ actually fits quite well. They do the job if you want some gentle comfort, and it depends how stretchy the size is. This allows me to wear pull-ups, and walmarts bedwetting diapers with the hearts and stars. HOWEVER, be warned, as they do not absorb anywhere as near as adult diapers do, and smell is ussually not covered up so well either. I only keep baby diapers in my collection for a more childish feel, and look, or to use as "boosters"

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