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Thread: I'd like to try and get into a Little headspace, but I don't know how...

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    Question I'd like to try and get into a Little headspace, but I don't know how...


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    Watch Disney movies, drink from a bottle or sippy, listen to stories on youtube (my personal favourites are and )

    It may sound strange but it also helps to create stories or scenarios in your head where you're a little

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    For me the key is trying to clear your mind. I think being little has a lot in line with meditation. I find it hard to cleare my mind, even when little, because of my damn OCD, but ultimately i would curious, relax, and do anything that keeps you calm and chilled. Oh, and a nappy always helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duuude View Post

    Hi Duuude.

    I would suggest you just relax you can not get it wrong. What is right for you is right for you. It is a mide set and you if you try to get in to it you can find all you do is age play. Which is fine if you are into age playing. But little spaces is different to playing at being a serten age.

    This is my sergestion for getting in tuch with your iner child. First sit and relax and give your self so prase, but as you would to a child that as worked hard.

    Tell your self that it time to play for a while and what you would like to do. Go with the first thing that comes to mind. Favourite toy or activity. Then just go and play for a while let you I child lead you it is his time to be in control so no adulting.

    Help this helps you babby boy.

    Also I see you identify yourself as a DL as well as an AB so diapering up and drinking from a bottle Etc may also help as trigers.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marting View Post
    For me the key is trying to clear your mind. I think being little has a lot in line with meditation.
    I use it like a sort of meditation too. It's not so much a separate headspace as a time to let my mind wander wherever. I set a timer for ten to fifteen minutes, get my dolls, and play.

    By play I mean do whatever comes naturally. Sometimes we do act out a story, but since I've just moved, sometimes "play" is touring the new furniture. Whatever my impulse in the moment, I do - until I have a new one. During playtime, I'll tell my dolls everything that comes to mind. I'll do the "let's pretend...." dialogue like a kid, but since I try not to self-edit, a lots of self-criticism pours out too. Body and eating issues, weird feelings about ABDL stuff... I say every thought, and often, naturally, I'll pretend the doll is voicing the sympathy or advice others would say. This isn't play like a toddler would play. I don't expect that. I try not to expect anything, but the end result is kind of like emptying the trash can of my mind. When the timer rings, I always feel refreshed no matter what I did during play time.

    The timer is the secret for me. Maybe I won't always need it, but it's what gives me permission to play. I don't have to worry about unfinished responsibilities, because adult-me took care of that.

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    Evreyone does this a little bit differently than anyone else. I personally do it by rocking myself while listening to lullabies, or snuggling my stuffy and quietly watch some sleepytime shows. Other ABDL's, babyfurs, or diaper lovers etc. may prefer a more playful approach however. It could be hearing certain "triggers" or using/playing with certain trigger "items" that may acheive this. It is even possible for one night to be different than the next.

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    Maybe creating a space for yourself with all your "little" stuff in it, I have a room I turned into a nursery and I start getting into little space as soon as I go in. Don't have to go as far as I did but having my own spot with all my little stuff in one area helps me out alot.

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    I think many of us have a particular motivation that gets us into little space. I like watching cartoons (some cartoons at any rate) and playing games, and if I'm all dressed up in a diaper and footie PJs hugging a plushie while watching My Little Pony, I start to feel pretty little. I'm not thinking to myself "time to feel little" though, I'm thinking to myself that I want to be dressed little and I want to watch this show, and I want a plushie to hold because I want those things sometimes even when I start out feeling like a normal adult.

    If you really don't have any particular thing you want to try, but you want to feel little and are struggling to find a way to get there, I'd suggest something random. Grab your nearest boardgame and 6-sided die, and make a list of a few things: watching a cartoon, playing with some toys, coloring or drawing a picture, I dunno, there are plenty of suggestions and I'm sure people here in the thread can come up with more. Just list out 6 and roll and see which one you get. Put on a diaper, and then try whatever activity you got, see if it works.

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    There's some great advice here, but I've just been feeling like I can't overcome my own mind's criticism... I'm a little sceptical by nature, so I mostly wind up thinking ''what the hell am I doing?'' , even if I'm enjoying it... Maybe I should get a pacifier, or a bottle, but it's so much more about the diapers for me that I feel like it's not worth the time/money... The problem is, I think I was an AB before I was a DL, but with time, the AB side kind of evolved into DL (I think puberty helped in this evil plot). But I remember being young and wanting to use pacis and drink from a bottle, so I guess what I'm trying to do is reconnect with my ABness, if that makes any sense...

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