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Thread: Pull ups Learning design update

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    Smile Pull ups Learning design update

    There is now simba on our learning design pull ups that we got at our local store today. I havnt seen this design before, I assume that it is new. Just thought I should let you guys know. (Honestly however, it doesnt look like to playful of a design, unlike the cute butterflies and hearts, or more generic designs that I have seen....) Has anyone tried these ones yet? What do you think about the design?

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    It's actually Simba's son Kion, from The Lion King spin-off The Lion Guard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    It's actually Simba's son Kion, from The Lion King spin-off The Lion Guard.
    I never saw past the first lion king, the one I own still on my VHS, so I didnt know. Good to know now though.

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    Those Lion Guard designs look so awesome and make me want to get those Pull-Ups to use as stuffers. I have a thing for animals in epic poses and that's why I chose the avatar I have.

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    Update time! I went on a "disposable absorbent undergarment" run this morning and, along with a new pack of boys' L-XL Goodnites, got a pack of the 4T-5T Lion Guard Pull-Ups and I don't need to use them as stuffers! Those sides are so stretchy that they fit me, about 120 pounds with about a 30-inch waist, perfectly! And this Kion dude looks so awesome and brave. It was totally worth the anxiety of being a young adult buying what are basically diapers in all but name in a crowded store. Maybe now I'll try to fit into the smaller Goodnites!

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    Not only they have Lion Guard characters on the boy kind, They also have the Whisker Haven/Palace Pets on the girl kind as well!

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