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Thread: effects of apple juice?

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    So my dry spell seems to be over. Thankfully I hadn't decided to go without a nappy just yet. After over a week of being dry I was trying to think - why now - the only think that was different is that I switch back from drinking orange juice to apple juice. Could it really be that simple? Does anyone else know what eftct apple juice has? I have the feeling I'm being a bit stupid about this - and that this is one of those things tha everyone knows about but me!

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    It might be. Orange juice is acidic and more concentrated than apple juice, so it won't hydrate you quite as fast. Apples are also know for running right through you too, and with some it's likely to cause the runs too.

    I know when ever I drink apple juice it goes right through me in just a few hours. I am guaranteed to be peeing both clear and a LOT with it.

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    Apple juice is a slight diuretic. Try not to drink to much for sure. But also, please dont feel "stupid" about it, its just a little known fact. It can also give slight tummy cramps if you take to much too, but it sure is yummy. If it gets to be to much, you can always water it down a little bit or get one of a lesser strength. I will be picking up MOTTS at the store later (A north America apple juice brand) but I always take it VERY lightly because of my tummy issues. I do not suggest before beddy.

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    I get the streaming craps. Same for apple cider too. It is not a good day when I consume Apple Juice or cider I try to do that at home so I am not having to do a massive cleanup. Its really bad this time of the year when its cider time I love cider.

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    Yaaaaayyyyy for cider, I love it, but makes me pee a lot and some hours later, poopy to, but usually I'm at home for that. I love cider., sure doesn't help me conserve diapers tho, combine that with drinking coffee and that's probly why I'm going thru like 4 diapers a day, on bad days looks like I'll be stocking up on diapers with xmas money

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