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Thread: overactive imagination.

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    Cool overactive imagination.

    Hi everyone.

    I have had a thought while in Little space. It might tune in to a story. Any way I wack up a some how my body as turned in to a young child's body. And my voice would like a child's. But i still have all my memories and adult Internet.

    I then started to think how my day would go. Still having to do all the grown up sruff like going to work. And shopping and the like.

    How whould I explain what as happen?, how would people treat me ? And so on.

    Anyway I was wondering if anybody else had an overactive imagination when you are having Little time.



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    I would like to kindly respond to your ideas.

    I too, am actually a writer, and writing "Adult baby fictions" or "Age reversal fictions" actually isn't to easy. I have seen people do stories in 30 minuites, but my stories take about 8 months to a year and a half to completly finish. So I can suggest straight away for patience. It is important to remember that especially if this is a first time writing such a book. Furthermore, I suggest you spin up some cotton candy. Yes. cotton candy. I am not referring to the sugar however, but the classics. Take your own spin on the classics, as transforming to a child is not possible in this world, is there a way you can make it sound exciting while at the same time twirling it with the strands of fantasy? It's a little harder than it seems.

    Lets use the say the "baby ray." This on it's own is used WAAAAAYYYY to much in fiction, and most people see it as predictable or dull, and few people really appreciate it in its full classic form anymore. But wait! What if you put your own turn on it? Mabey.... Lets say there is a new experiment? A house party? a scientist? Or mabey.....A friend of yours who is a scientist offers you to a house party and has found out your tendencies toward a younger side, and gives you a win-win. You test his experimentation gear, and you get to enjoy a day as said baby, but keeping your memories and things as a safety net for the experiment, so you can still do basic communication, and tell him how it is working out, or what isnt working out. Need a story expansion? Great! Turns out at the end of 24 hours he admits that he actually still needs to ...fix his change-back potion, ray, secret power ring whatever to change you back, much to your surprise.

    There. A twist on a classic straight off the top of my fluffy puppy head.

    Now if you want to take a FULL original twist that hasnt been done, expect very very very long tedious, careful research, design, planning, preparing, modeling, and testing. But hey, im just trying to make this easier.

    I may not be the best at typing, as you can tell from my misspelling, but this is how I got 50 subscribers, and 2000 reads on my new book and on 253 digital bookshelves on another website.

    I wish you the best, and I VERY much look forward to reading this story! <3

    To further answer your question, I try to use my imagination a lot when in my little space. I usually enhance by playful and happy music. It's that feeling of wonder like your seeing something for the first time again that makes being a baby puppy so wonderful.

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    I think an overactive imagination is a great imagination. It helps to use your imagination to its fullest potential while playing little. I want to bring up my Mr. Bunny yet again here; I've had him literally my entire 21-year life and I've used my imagination to personify him and I'm proud of the character I've created for him. I like to think that Mr. Bunny "remembers" every second of our time together, and he always understands and cares about me, he watched over me when I was an actual baby and he still watches over me today. His response to me sometimes wearing diapers as a 21-year-old is "I saw your diapers exposed many times when you were an infant and toddler; why would it bother me to see you in a diaper nowadays?" And I think it's so cool that I don't see Mr. Bunny as just a lifeless stuffed animal. It's like that old comic strip Calvin and Hobbes in which Calvin continually uses his imagination to bring Hobbes, his stuffed tiger, to life.

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    I actually had a dream similar to what your saying a few years ago and I would love to be a actual baby/infant once more because I would like to start over again, if I won the lottery big-time and there was a way to reverse my body's age and safely become a baby boy again without surgery or harmful
    medication then I wouldn't hesitate to take Tha option although for the present time I am a life-long diaper wearer at the age of 36 years young.

    I also wouldn't mind being able to experience my childhood years all over again because I had a incomplete childhood because of verious reasons beyond my control and if time were reversed then I would love to be looked after as a baby/infant again.

    Yours sincerely

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